What do you do about fake descriptions in auction listings

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  1. Okay so there's a bag on a popular auction site that's being sold as a: "2002 FLAT BRASS HOBO" a la Kate Moss, inc. a ton of photos of Kate wearing her beloved bag. I don't think the bag is a fake (it looks like a 2007 besace and is a nice bag) but it's NOT a collector's edition Flat Brass Hobo.

    I don't want an inexperienced buyer to be duped by this person. They're clearly trying to scam someone out of an extra 2k for this bag since they're asking a BIN of close to $3,000.00 and using a fake description to sell their bag.

    Is this reportable anywhere?
  2. I saw that too, not sure how you go about reporting though ::sad:
  3. I feel awful that someone might see the bag and jump on it without taking a really good look at what it actually is. It's a very nice bag - but the seller is clearly misrepresenting it.
  4. Hopefully the 3K will deter any inexperienced buyer from actually buying it! This is just awful...I will try and have a look. I don´t think there is much you can do about it...but it´s good that you posted it here beaux
  5. I usually just email the seller directly and ask them to change it ;)
  6. ^^I took your advice and did just that. :flowers: I just asked them if they were aware it was not a 2002 FBH. The bag looks brand new - possibly a '08, but who knows. I'll let you know if they respond to me.
  7. I emailed them earlier and she answered that she had no idea from what year the bag is since she doesn´t have the paper tags..yeah, right! I will email again and ask her how she could possibly forget around what year she bought it,lol

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    I asked what year it was from..here is her answer:

    Katarina! I believe it is from year 2003.

    - get-some-sunshine-into-your-wardrobe

    I did respond saying that was absolutely impossible since such a bag would have silver hardware, not sure what else to do,
  9. Thank you so much for the information. :tup:

  10. too funny ladies - i had emailed her directly too to correct her (all before even seeing this thread or these posts). Kat - she told ME she thought it was an 05!!!!! hah. buyers beware of that high price......
  11. I also told her that this style went away and came back as a raised brass version as recently as 07 (or did it go until spring 08?) Anyway: no answer yet.
  12. wow....she is def. not telling the truth, surprise!

  13. I emailed her back saying it looked like an 08...still waiting to hear back,
  14. Its already had two offers....
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    It is against *Bay policies to have false or misleading item descriptions. From the seller policy help page:

    Make sure the statements in your listing are accurate

    • You should make sure that all statements and claims in your listing are true and complete. Rights owners may object to listings that contain false, inaccurate, or misleading claims about their products. If you're not sure if a statement you want to make is true, double check it and rely only on credible sources. Someone on a message board may sound like they know what they're talking about but you're the one who will be responsible for the content.
    Here's how to report it:

    To report a listing that violates our policies: Find the listing. On the listing page, click the “Report item” link.

    Right there, at the bottom page of every auction, is a small link you can click to report a violation if you believe there is one.