What do you do about discontinued Chanel bags?

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  1. When there is a Chanel bag that you really want, and it's discontinued and not sold at any of the boutiques anymore, what do you personally, do? Do you scour ebay until you find an authentic one?? I'm just curious, because there have been one or two bags in the past that are discontinued that I REALLY want and I just can't get my mind off them. I'm just wondering what everyone does when they come across this situation. :smile:
  2. The only thing I do is check ebay and the resellers and hope one day it's my lucky day. It's happened before. Never give up hope.
  3. It's based on luck & persistence. Keep checking ebay, malleries, consignments shops, etc...for the bag. Sometimes it'll show up. But if you're not satisfied with the condition or the seller, you have to keep moving on & not settle. You never know when you'll get lucky. I found mine after 2 years of searching religiously (I sort of feel something's missing since I'm not searching anymore). Part of the fun is the hunt for that bag. Maybe you'll change your mind by then or maybe Chanel would've re-made that particular bag. Keep trying. You're bound to get lucky.
  4. ^^ Agreed w/ both comments, keeping looking and never give up hope, because I had founded a few of them, when at times thought it was impossible.
  5. And don't forget Bonanzle.com - most tPFers seem to be selling there now and some lovely HTF bags pop up.

    Don't give up!

    Oh, and it also helps to make a wishlist in your sig... then suddenly that bag magically appears... ;)
  6. I got three of my HG bags that were discontinued off of eBay. Chanel 2007 light beige bubble quilt bowler, Chanel modern chain glazed brown leather n/s tote, and a grey bijoux chain lambskin tote from 2007. You'd be surprised at the amazing deals you can get off of eBay, especially now since people are desperate to sell because of the economy.
  7. Yes, Ebay is a great place to go. Bonanzle is ok too but be careful.
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  9. I stalk ebay and post threads on tpf.
  10. Been trying... not got approved yet :sad: Probably just as well for my wallet ;)
  11. Stalk ebay.....when there is a will there is a bag (or a piece of costume jewellery)!
  12. Malleries is awesome! I wanted the Chanel Vinyl Cabas for EVER and back in October I found a brand new one!! Even though I paid well above retail, I was dying for this super hot bag! I love it!!!

    I think I was extremely lucky to have found it brand new...all of the other ones I saw were on eBay and were used...plus they were selling for just as much as i bought mine for. To fund it I sold another bag:P
  13. i would be on ebay, malleries everywere i can to get it yea, is the best solution and most people that authenticate bfore gettin it would be more happy.
  14. yup, same here!
  15. marketplace and WTB thread? i have been looking for a PUNK flap in black or white..i hope i can find it..