What do you dip into your tea?

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  1. Cookies, any type. Usually I only dip in Orange Pekoe tea.
  2. nothing
  3. I don't dring tea as often as coffee but I LOVE KitKat or Twix bars dipped in hot tea - PG Tips brand - with milk
  4. Never dipped anything in my tea before...
  5. When I used to drink tea I dipped McVities' 'rich tea' biscuits, 'digestive' biscuits and 'Hob Nobs'. I never dipped these ate them by the packet load, 'garibaldi' biscuits.
  6. Trader Joe's biscotti or Trader Joes Cranberry Dunkers which are long oatmeal cookies with cranberries and drizzled with white chocolate.

  7. NEVER!!! I demand you go and buy cookies for dipping it'll open a whole new world
  8. Maryland cookies, Bourbon's, Custard creams just about anything really I love food
  9. Madeleines dipped in tea are soooo good...
  10. Yesh!!! They taste oh so good. Yummy. I love mine with Earl Grey. :nogood:
  11. Coconut cookies from a local mexican brand. They're the best! Although I dip them in coffee more frequently than tea.
  12. Nothing but I love your suggestion, nerdphanie! Now to find the perfect madeleines!
  13. Im not really a fan of dipping anything into my tea.
  14. Oooooo!
    I do too! I love Trader Joe's Cranberry Dunkers and chocolate almond biscotti!!:yes:
  15. Any biscuits that I can get my hands on! Custard Creams/ Kit-Kats/ Digestives - you name it.