what do you desire thats NOT a bag!??

  1. We love the bags thats for sure but I wondered.............what sorts of things (Hermes things of course) are on your list to purchase or would you want to purchase if you could. I am dying for a pair of those riding pants!
  2. more scarves, cashmere blankets, hats, china, accessories, rtw,........
  3. scarves and a watch~
  4. an agenda!!! i need it!!! an etrivier belt, more china, um... i could go on and on.
  5. Ditto what Rose said - plus shoes, boots, more bracelets, gloves....
  6. Cashmere and jewellery, ding ding ding for bling bling bling...
  7. I would love an H hacking jacket.
  8. An Hermes agenda, several Ulysses, that envelope wallet (does anyone know what it's called?), a Bearn, a Cape Cod, Cashmere shawls, and Riding Boots! (although I don't ride, just want to buy them)

  9. their cashmere throws are to die for!
  10. I would love a pair of riding boots!!
  11. Enamel bracelets, I can never have enough of them :girlsigh:
  12. Mousselines.. they are my downfall.
  13. That mink coat that tods123 modeled for us at the Wall Street store (OMG that was TDF), the diamond cape cod watch, a cashmere blanket and tons of H china! Oh, and there's so much more- but I wouldn't want to look too greedy! LOL!
  14. Scarves, scarves, scarves. I love some of their china, but the piece I love the most is an ashtray.. if only they made PANDA china!
  15. I'd love to get the leather motorcyle-type jacket.