what do you currently consider a "must have accessory?"

  1. LV has TONS of accessories, in different lines, in different colors, different sizes, etc.! So what do you consider a must have for any collection?
  2. Lol, as I just bought an Epi Trésor wallet in *tadaaa* LILAC :love: I'd say that's it :upsidedown:
  3. For me it's a small evening/going out bag in either a pochette or mini papillon style. I have the damier mini papillon and would really like to get a mono in pochette style to have both bases covered, I'll get the mini pap in mono as a default if a decent pochette can't be found on eBay when I'm ready to buy.
  4. MC Coin Purse
  5. I like little storage things, like a cles, the denim flat pouch, sac rabat, etc. =)
  6. Right now the one thing that I am obsessing about and MUST HAVE is a glitter key holder in gold. I can't stop thinking about it.
  7. I think the Cles, wallets and the Inclusions are must haves for me :yes:
  8. Mono cles
    Pochette accessories (any line)
  9. Wallet, agenda, and 4 Key holder for me!
  10. cles for purpose!
  11. I say.......a cles, agenda, and wallet to complete a collection....

    I have a bit of the matching problem so this may be the reason behind it...I just love the fact that everything inside matches the outside....this is why if I change patterns on an LV, I have to change all these things....:s There must be a name for this disorder....:shame:
  12. cles is a must-have for every LV fan :yes:
  13. Wallet & Cles. I have used the same LV wallet for 4 years, looks perfect! I have 5 cles, love them ALL!
  14. Cles and INCLUSION!!! they are soo cute :heart:
  15. inclusion for me.