What Do You Consider The Most Overrated Virtue ?

  1. In you opinion what do you consider the most overrated virtue.?
  2. Virginity! LOL! Just kidding! Couldn't resist that one!
  3. Girl you always have the most interesting topics! :yes:

    I'd have to say..... (dons her flame proof suit) - compassion. In my experience, compassion has been so misused. :huh:
  4. Patience....I want what I want right now!!! ;)
  5. None.

    Self-Discipline, Compassion, Work Ethic, Friendship (being a good friend), Faith, Humility, Honesty, Courage, and Responsibility are all virtues I value.
  6. But your soooo right!!:devil: :angel:
  7. Temperance!
  8. Humility.
  9. i'm with you on that one!
  10. Religious observance of any and all kind.

    Spirituality, on the other hand, is another matter.
  11. Pradas, gotta say I love your thread question... This is very interesting! :smile:

    I would say... perkiness. (Just not a perky girl)
  12. I absolutely agree. :yes:
  13. i'd have to say faith. not religious at all.
  14. Faith!!
    Hands Down!
  15. Thank you, spiralsnowman :heart: