What do you consider excellent condition? Need help with a purse I bought.

  1. Hi all!

    I bought a Holiday Patchwork 10435 from a very very nice lady. When we were discussing the bag she said that she took meticulous care of her bags and that this purse was in excellent condition. The cost was $180 shipped.

    Well excellent condition to me means, almost new.

    Well I got it in today and the dark brown patches on both sides of the purse are scratched badly. One side is noticeably badly scartched.

    Well I feel like she misrepresented the purse as saying it was in excellent condition because of the scratches. She is such a nice, nice person though.

    I don't know what I should do. I feel like I got the raw end of the deal and would never have paid $180 if I had known about the scratches.

    So do I ask her for a refund and send the purse back? Do I keep the purse and never buy anything that isn't new again? Do I ask her to refund a partial amount to what the purse is really worth?

    I hate this!!!! I've been buying and selling on eBay for years and have never felt like this.

    I love the purse just don't think it's worth what I paid because of the scratches.

    What do you think?
  2. ugh, that is just the worst!

    well, she may have been nice, but maybe only because she wanted rid of that bag and to get your money. I don't have much faith in people...

    I would definitely call her on it. if she gives you hassle, tell her you have no choice but to report her. She should at the very least refund you some of your money.

    i'm sorry this happened to you! it's frustrating.
  3. I have sold only new and perfect bags with tags on eBay so I know what I sell but everyone has that different idea of excellent condition. In the past, I did buy a fake Coach once on Ebay also from a nice lady and I was very upset. She gave me back my money. I think if this lady is nice , she will want to save her ebay reputation. I would just say I was disappointed in the quality of the bag and the condition and was there a way you can send it back for a full refund. I would not keep it. Like all things if I find personally that I speak nicely and calmly and use a positive word first and then the negative. it works best. like..."I liked doing business with you, but the condition of this purse is bothering me. Would you consider giving me a refund as I am not happy with the scratches"....Does that sound good to you...? That is what I would say, how disappointing...sorry
  4. Thank you! She really is nice and has just started a ebay business. I just do NOT think the purse is anywhere near Excellent Condition. It's in good condition and would have been excellent if not for the scratches on the leather.

    I really hope she tries to make this right as I hate, hate, hate, hate confrontations!

    Just wanted to make sure that others agree with me that scratched leather does not equal excellent condition.
  5. I take Excellent as meaning Like New. No scratches, stains, creases - ANYTHING!! All faults must be disclosed and those weren't. I would tell her that you are not happy and would like to return because you were told it was in excellent condition. Do it like Rainbow06 suggested though and say something positive first. Good luck - that sucks!
  6. Well I emailed her and I was super nice. I asked her what she thought was the solution. I'll see what she suggests and we will go from there. I want to give her a chance to offer the refund before I demand anything. I really hate confrontation! From now on it's new only for me.
  7. if you post in the ebay forum, the girls over there can definately give you advice and if filing a snad claim is in order. :yes:
  8. I would DEFINITELY tell her about it and ask for a partial refund. Maybe even just start by telling her about the issue and ask "what can be done about it". Then, see if she OFFERS to give you some $$ back. If not, then tell her what YOU'D like to do. If all else fails, send it back.
  9. This is the approach I have taken. I'll let you all know what happens. Honestly though I don't know how much money would be fair of her to give me back and keep the purse. We will see what she offers and go from there.
  10. Just make sure YOU are satisfied with what she offers...if you are not, send it back and get a full refund! Don't settle for less than you'll be happy with. Another bag will come along :yes:
  11. Hi. That is an issue with the bags that have the vintage leather patches. They scratch. She should have had closeups in her auction of the scratches.
  12. Okay,
    She told me to mail it back with delivery confirmation and she would refund me the money minus shipping. What about paypal fees etc. Does this seem like a fair offer? Should I mail it back before she refunds? Should I ask for shipping too? What about fees? I don't know.
  13. Gosh I dunno, I wouldn't be happy with that. The item was not as described, I would at least expect shipping....
  14. Okay here is what I wrote to her, tell me what you all think. I am so happy that I found this forum. I don't know what I would do without all of you!

    Here is my email to her,

    It's the leather on the patches. The brown leather patch on both sides. It's not the suede on the bottom, that looks fine! It's not the top either, it's an actual patch on the bag. The brown leather patch on both sides that is scratched on both sides. One side isn't that bad but the other has large scratches on it. I just got it today and emailed you as soon as I opened it.

    It is in good condition but with the scratches I don't think it's in excellent condition as you said. I took excellent to mean almost as good as new. I really hate this but I just don't feel comfortable spending the amount I did with the scratches. I will mail it back to you tomorrow with delivery confirmation. I think it is only fair for you to refund the $180. You paid to have the bag shipped to me and I will pay to have it shipped back to you. That seems only fair to me. That way you can just refund through paypal and neither of us will be out fees.
  15. man, you're nice. I would have asked for shipping fees as well as the price of the bag.