What do you consider CHEATING?

  1. I've been reading some threads lately, and the subject of cheating has come up a couple times. Lead me to re-examine what I considered cheating. In essence, any connection, be it physical or emotional, outside of the committed, exclusive relationship. Here's what counts as cheating to me:

    1. Sex (any kind, i.e. oral....)
    2. A strong emotional bond; a form of love yet not manifested
    3. Suggestive/erotic e-mail or letters
    4. Raunchy dancing (like "sex on the floor" type dancing)
    5. Something simple like holding hands
    6. Secret lunch or dinner dates (something he "forgot" to tell you)
    7. Erotic massage

    I know there's a 8,9 and 10. But can't think of any. I feel like I'm being anal with my list already. But these are the things that would truly hurt me if my BF or husband were caught doing.

    So..............what's on your list????
  2. Bluebunny! What's going on with you and BF? I thought you guys broke up?? Please tell us what's happening.
  3. ANY of the above is cheating
  4. :yes:
  5. Anything you wouldn't do in front of your partner.
  6. cheating is anything he does w. a girl he wouldn't do in front of me, and i also agree with your secrets and emotional bonds.
    any of those would be "sayonara sucka!"
  7. Its funny though..I bet if you ask a GUY...he wouldnt think half of these are cheating..LOL..I bet ya!
  8. :yes: :yes:
  9. Seriously..
    But yeah I agree, all of those are considered cheating IMO.
  10. ITA with your list.

  11. I agree wholeheartedly.
  12. I think that anything you hide from your partner is considered cheating.
  13. You remembered! Thanks for asking. Well, I'm still hurting from our breakup. Hurting beyond hurt. He's still in my life. Don't know what to do. We go round and round, but his attempts at alleviating my pain end up being fruitless.
    I can go on about our issues, but this thread is not about me. Or my heartbreak. But you're sweet to ask for an update. As for the cheating senario, my heart goes out to the other PF member who found out here husband is cheating on her. And Jill is right, most guys would not find what he's doing cheating. Anywho, thanks for everyone's input!!! Love all you Pfers.
  14. Anything that you do, even talking on the phone or text messaging without your SOs knowledge. If you can't tell them that you're talking to so-and-so you're probably not supposed to be doing it.
  15. AWE Bluebunny...Chin up!!!!Itll all work out for the best..Just know we are thinkin of ya!