What do you consider as ridiculously priced?

  1. Hey girls. I've bought way too many bbags recently and so have been doing some unloading on ebay:crybaby: and was wondering what you think of sellers doing the "I love it so much and will only sell if it's at a high price."?
    Do you think it's baaaad?(sorry immitating a sheep there hi hi :lol: )
  2. As a buyer, it's a bit frustrating sometimes but in all honesty, as a seller, I have no problems at all with bags being listed at high prices to see if there's a market for them.

    I believe the market will drive the selling price. If an item is priced too high, it won't sell. It's all supply and demand.
  3. Good point! Thanx livethelake!
  4. :smile: .

    BTW - love the sheeeeeeep imitation :roflmfao:
  5. A bag is worth what a person is willing to pay for it ;)
  6. Totally agree, then the seller just has to realize that it might not sell
    if it is priced too high.
  7. That's what's so tricky about ebay. If it's a hot bag, you could easily start it at a low price, which is very inviting to bidders, and the price would probably skyrocket. If you start it out high, people might not bid at all. I guess that's what a reserve price is for, then again, that can turn off bidders too.
  8. Agree with LL and chloe231!
  9. Can you run an auction and have the "make an offer" option? If so, this might prompt people to make their best offers. Or is the "make an offer" only available with the BIN? Shucks, I don't know, but agree with the ladies - the bag is worth what people are willing to pay.
  10. percephonie .. i've been having the same problem too.
    i'm easily tempted to buy something, that i sometimes did an impluse buy & ended up selling my other collection to afford that new one.
    and i'm selling the old bag to help me fund the new bag.
    and when i sell it, i don't know how much to let it go too. sometimes i put a high price so if i lose it, i won't feel regret...
    that's always be a dilemma :crybaby:
  11. I don't think it is bad. Personally, when I sell a bag that means a lot to me (like a bbag), I just can't let it go unless I know I'm getting a good price. They have a lot of worth to me, so I'd rather keep it than let it go for a really low price. And like the other members said, if it is too high, it won't sell. I usually include the Best Offer feature on my listings. This is a great option because it allows the buyers and sellers to meet in the middle.
  12. Thanx so much for the advice ladies! Really appreciate it!
  13. nothing is overpriced if someone is willing to buy it, imo.
  14. I also think the Best Offer is a really good option. Your item will either sell for the BIN, or it won't, and in the meanwhile, serious buyers can make an offer. The seller can see pretty much right away where the sale is going. And I think the ability to make an offer brings in buyers that might be scared away by a really high BIN.
  15. The only items I see as being "ridiculously priced" are current season's bags listed at or above retail prices. Why pay that much if you can call a retailer and buy it new? :yes: