what do you consider a "classic" bag?


Feb 2, 2006
hi everyone! i'm new to this site... but i'm seriously addicted to it and love this site. :P

anyway, i was wondering what you guys consider a classic/non "it" bag/ timeless piece i can carry around for many many years?

do you consider balenciaga/paddington/spy bag non-classic bags?

i love bags... but i think it's best for me to stay away from trendy bags because... well... i'm in school and i don't have a lot of money to burn. yet. :biggrin:
I think a classic bag is one that can't be pinned down to any particular season and enjoys enduring popularity.

For example, a Chanel 2.55 or a LV Speedy.

I don't think of Balanciaga, Paddington, or Fendi Spy bags as classic bags... there's a huge surge in their popularity that will probably die down soon.

However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't carry you Balanciaga or Fendi Spy forever if you love it!
I agree with IntlSet, a timeless chanel or LV is a classic bag. The Spy and Padington though gorgeous are "it" bags and therefore too trendy to be truly timeless.

That being said of course they will last a lifetime but there will be a short period where you just don't even want to look at them.
The LV Speedy (25 or 30) and the Chanel 2.55 in black come to mind. I think every bag lover should have a classic bag or two, as well as some trendy ones, for variety :biggrin:
I definitely think that Chanel and LV are classic, timeless bags. I also think that nearly anything by Tod's will become classic since everything they make is so streamlined, and some Guccis are classics too.

In terms of current trends, I do think Balenciaga will become a classic (InStyle pegged it as a "new" classic). I know that it seems really trendy right now since nearly everyone wants one on the forum, and so many celebrities are carrying it, but keep in mind that the particular style of Balenciaga has been part of their collection for years. It's got staying power.
I also think classic bags are the Chanel and LVs (only the old designs, not the new ones like by MJ) and Hermes. Balenciaga/Paddy/Spy are very contemporary, not sure how long the trend will last.
I agree - LVs and Chanels are by far the most classic pieces you can own. They will never loose their sense of style and class. Most others bags are trendy but they are fun to carry as well!! I just love all bags anyway!!!
IMO - when a company makes a bag that they KEEP making (with possible minor changes) and people keep buying it and wanting it, It's a classic - sort of like a car.