What do YOU collect??

  1. What do you ladies and gents? collect?

    Obviously ill expect the handbag response haha, but im talking about like anything?!? Whether it be from photos, to louis vuitton vernis cles's, to stuffed animals..

    Me first:::
    I collect snowglobes, I decided since i travel so much more than anyone I know that I should start knowing where I have been. I only started collection about 6 months ago! Which is sad since ive been to so many more places.. Well heres the places so far:
    Hong Kong, Australia, New York, London, Georgia, Florida, Thailand, Singapore, New Zealand, Paris, China, Cancun, Venice, Chicago, Italy, New Orleans, North Carolina, California, Niagra Falls, San Fransisco, Hawaii, San Diego.

    Your turn!!:yes:
  2. LV of course, but also interesting cemetery photography, and things that meant alot to me growing up in the 1970's and 1980's. I used to have a massive KISS (pinball machine, dolls, albums, etc) and Pepe Le Pew (yeah! the WB skunk) collection too. My DH collects New York Giants memorbilia.
  3. ^snowglobes how cool!!
    I used to be collecting collections at some point if you know what I mean....everything from stamps, perfumes ads, bottle, keyrings, etc....
    Fortunately now it's just books on product, graphic and toys design.
    And Designers toys vinyl figures : brickbears and others. Every city I go I try to locate a shop that sells these (so far Paris, Berlin, London, New York)
  4. Oh yeah me too, that's how I started buying the original Kenner Strawberry shortcake dolls ! they don't smell anymore unfortunately.....

    I also forgot about my period of collecting small electrical appliances/devices like hair dryers, toasters, phones from the 40's, 50's 60's, for their designs:shame:
  5. HI, Well I went through a phase but Im kinda out of it now. I used to collect Retro Chairs lol :shame:
  6. Has changed a lot of the years.

    carosel horses
    tinkerbelle (duh)

    but not so much anymore, trying to simplify and devest myself of alot.
  7. I collect(ed) old Nancy Drew books (I have the entire set now), anything with macaws or conures (parrots) on it. Our bedroom has a tropical "theme" so pretty much anything with palm trees on it as well.
  8. We're downsizing, so my collections aren't as big as they used to be: s&p shakers (the stranger, the better), bird paintings and figurines (mostly robins), boxer dog figurines.
  9. I collect sterling silver frames, Herend (expensive [​IMG] figurines), lamps, sterling silver flatware, All-clad (kitchen) pots & pans, etc...
  10. I have a huuuuge stamp collection from when I was a kid. It's ridiculous. Other than that, I kind of collect duck stuff... like, rubber duckies, duckie figurines, etc. It's kind of silly lol My mother collects turtles. She probably has over 200 turtle figurines, it's insane!
  11. Postcards! :biggrin: I currently have 482 (or around there)..I bought pretty much all of them when we were on vacations; at every place we go to I have to buy at least 10 :P Hopefully I'll have one from every country someday!


    & beginning from last year, I decided to also collect hotel card keys & other ticket stubs


    I looove traveling..& have only really been buying postcards (& a few figurines) as souvenirs up til now. But snowglobes seem cool :biggrin:
  12. 80's toys- Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, Popples, Alf, Rainbow Brite... the vintage stuff, anyways. I started collecting WAY before they reintroduced this stuff again, and frankly I do not like what they have done to Strawberry Shortcake!!!!!
    Postcards too :smile:

    edit: picture of my room from quite a few years ago (It's all in storage now :sad: )

  13. I agree! I don't like the new Strawberry Shortcake either or Hollie Hobby! They've goofed her up too!
  14. PEZ Dispensers!!!!!! They're pretty much my passion and I can admit I've spent as much or more on PEZ as I have on my handbags...

  15. silja line! :biggrin: aaah the memories :shame:

    umm lately i seem to be collecting far too many design books, it's obscene how many i've amassed!