What do you collect? (other than handbags)

  1. I guess that you could say that I have a somewhat quirky nature....I adore 1950's kitchen collectibles that have faces. Over the years I have collected over 100 pieces...salt and pepper shakers, condiment jars, biscuit jars, oil and vinegar jars, cookie jars, butter dishes, teapots, wall pockets, plates, spoonrests etc. My collection has been completed for many years only because I do not have anymore room. My brother did an excellent job of making shelves in my kitchen/dining area on which to display them. They all seem to have a smile on their face, blush on their cheeks, are colorful and cheerful. I wish that you could see them all....And Roseville pottery, (of which I've shown a few pieces) made from 1920 to 1950's is another of my interests. My furniture, with a few exceptions, is also vintage. Such as my enamel top table with with brightly painted old chairs, cast iron bed, Art Deco bedroom set, vintage lamps...Well, you get the picture...and I have included a few. So, what is it that you collect? And could you share some pictures with the rest of us? I think that it would be fun to see what your interests are other than handbags!
  2. what nice collectibles, ciatta.

    i collect vintage strawberry shortcake & other dolls & toys. i also am an avid manga reader & watch anime, so I tend to buy a lot of that too.
  3. Ciatta those are adorable!! :biggrin:

    I collect Ugly Jugs! Or Ugly Face Jugs, or just Face Jugs, as they go by several names. I have a love for pottery, particularly southern folk art. I also collect any type of artisan/rustic pottery that catches my eye, too. I also collect weird artwork in general, as long as it has a southern folk feeling to it (a lot of bearded old man faces in jugs, candle holders, etc.) Ooh and anything with a devil face to it, pieces in red and black that look rather creepy.

    I also collect antique books, everything from the classics to poetry to philosophy and etiquette. Anything that catches my eye, really.

    Piccie of some of my favorite pieces:
  4. For over thirty years, I have collected Dirts of the World.

    I don't know how many countries, etc I have now. One day I hope to get them all into pretty containers and labeled with one of the new archival pens, as the names of the countries on some of the older ones have undergone significant fading.
  5. I collect Swarovski Crystal pieces.
  6. Oh, yes...I've seen those and they are highly collectible. Not to mention interesting! Thanks to all of you for sharing.
  7. Ciatta, those are really cute!
  8. Hee hee! I have some dirt from Elvis Presley's grave, if you're interested...:graucho:
  9. statehood quarters, European fashion mags, Manolos!
  10. Cool! I wonder if I have any of that, I know there is a bit of Jim Morrison's tomb-soil, but Elvis? Damn, I should have alphabetized the things!
  11. wow, everyone collects such cool things! i love that dirts of the world idea. when i start traveling more, i want to collect something from each country i visit - but i haven't decided yet.
  12. Hmm..Hello Kitty things, vintage Strawberry Shortcake dolls and accessories, Heatherette Kid Robot figures and my wearable collections are Primp (thermals, shirts, jackets, pants) and I have quite a few Juicy Couture outfits in just about every color. They're great for lounging around in (no I don't go out in the whole outfit, if I do, I just have the jacket with a pair of jeans). I also have a ton of Joomi Joolz shirts and tanks from when they were popular..I love all the different styles.
  13. I collect magnets from places I've been. :yahoo:
  14. That reminds me lol, I collect the penny presses from when I go somewhere "touristy". :lol:
  15. Books!