What do you check for when buying new lv from the boutique?

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  1. What do you check for when you're buying new from the boutique?

    I'm personally not too fussy and as long as it looks about right, no significant scratches or stains I'm good to go!

    Should I be a little more fussy?
  2. I always look for made in France but if it's not available I will buy made in USA !! I'm not to picky but I do plan for the bag to be in great condition! If it's something I must have And just can't wait I will even take a display bag 😳
  3. I guess if it's a monogram bag I would check to see if everything lines up nicely? Nothing is perfect, but I've heard of women asking to see 3-5 of the same bag and pick the best one!
  4. I also check for stains and I check to make sure the stitching looks secure. If the bag has glazing, I'll also look closely at the glazing. Other than that I'm good to go. I'm not really bothered by where the bag is made or if the print is exactly symmetrical.
  5. Piping
    Leather creasing
  6. Great suggestions here! I usually just look to make sure things are lined up properly but I am usually so excited that I forget to check where it was made. I bought a bag in Paris (my first trip to Europe) two years ago at their flagship store on the Champs Elysees and when I got back to the hotel I noticed...it was made in the USA!!! I was so mad at myself! Oh well.
  7. All great suggestions, I also check the smoothness of the zipper pull. Some are much easier than others.

  8. Oh no! You gotta just laugh though, I would of never expected USA in France either! Did you exchange?
  9. I just look over the item to make sure it looks good to me. I have never been presented with a product that did not meet my standards.

    I would add that because there are a lot of returns in all luxury brands, always look at the lining inside the bag to make sure it's clean and new. In my experience, that's an area that easily shows when an item has been "used." I am not against buying an item that has been returned (and I probably have without my knowledge!) as long as the item is in new condition.

  10. I would have but we had to hop a train to Bordeaux early the next morning so there wasn't time. It's ok. Hard lesson to learn though. And yes, a USA bag in Paris. What the?!
  11. Glaze, scratch and general condition. I have wonderful SA whom always exchange for me if I am not happy with the condition afterwards. But I am not looking for perfection, since I will use the item and it will show usage so I am ok as long as it's good in overall condition.
  12. ^^ This. Although I am an online shopper, I always check the lining and pockets of a new bag first.

  13. I never would have thought!!!
  14. My main concern is to look at the leather for any wrinkling or creasing. When I bought my first bag, a mono Speedy 30, I was so excited I gave it a once-over and proudly took it home. I went to buy my next bag the SA saw my Speedy and commented about how wrinkled the leather on the chaps were (I bought it that way because I remember looking at them and it not bothering me) and that it was "defective and should never have been sold to you." I have since had the handles replaced due to glazing issues but now looking at the leather is my top point.

    I also then look at the stitching/seams, the inside lining and pockets if present, the zipper smoothness when opening which is not a deal breaker but a pet peeve hah and the hardware for any scratching or noticeable tarnishes, which I've never found yet thankfully.