What do you Chanel girls.....

  1. What is your opinion of the YSL Chocolate muse?
  2. I just returned my large chocolate Muse for a new Chanel bag! It's a pretty bag, but it was not my style and it will go out of style next year when YSL releases a new "it" bag design. Even though it has a classic look and timeless appeal, I knew I'd get sick of it when newer style bags captured my attention. I also found it clumsy to carry.
  3. My experience was similar to roey's. I purchased two muse bags in the fall and later sold both on ebay. I also agree that it is a nice bag, but I find Chanel easier to carry/shoulder.
  4. I bought one and I returned it. I didn't like the color of the white and it just seemed like luggage on me.
  5. Im afraid between the Muse and Chanel, well...... its Chanel all the way.
  6. I'm not a huge fan of the Muse either... I don't think it'll go "out", in the sense that it doesn't have a ton of weird details that would make it too dated, but the shape is kind of weird. The straps to me look unbalanced since I find the Muse looks really bottom heavy - I hate how it gets so wide a the bottom.

    For a tote style bag, I like some of the Chanels, some of the new LV's (Poppincourt Haut, Suhali Lockit are some of my new faves) or even the Chloe Edith. The Muse just doesn't do it for me.
  7. Yes, the Muse is too wide at the bottom which made it awkward to carry. And when members complain about the Paddington being heavy it is a lighweight in comparison to the Muse.
  8. Thanks girls :heart: :heart: . I decided to get another Chanel......
  9. I own several Chanel bags and several YSL bags, and I think both lines are elegant and classic, with distinct styles/sizes that are good for different purposes and occassions. I'm a big advocate of variety when it comes to bags. (Just don't agree with those who exclusively buy multiples of only one brand or one model.)

    Someone's gotta stick up for the Muse here, and I :heart: my Oversize Chocolate Muse. C'mon over to the YSL subforum and check 'em out some more, particularly the "Celebs & Their Muses" thread. They really rock 'em. (And I do agree with some of you that the Muse posted above--the Large size I think--is kinda short and squatty!)

    :flowers: :flowers: :flowers: :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  10. eh.

    The Muse is a little drab to me. I really like the new double Muse and the older Byzantine line A LOT, but the Muse has never impressed me personally.
  11. Well, to each her own, of course. I'd just say that I and the thousands of other Muse lovers who have made it one of the most-coveted bags of 2006--and increased YSL leather goods sales by 43 percent in the second quarter--are very happy with it. (AND I LOVE MY CHANELS TOO.) :winkiss:
  12. ^ITA!! I know I'm in the minority! LOL!
  13. Um, I'm not too fond of it. I think its pretty, but I tend to go for more classic bags.
  14. I think the Muse is a very cool bag. Especially the extra large. And I do love my chanels too. I have enough love for lots of brands. LOL
  15. I have large muse in anthracite and use it al lot - I love it! It is a good everyday bag and the leather is nice too. I too like varitey in bags, however after joining TPF, i feel i would like to buy only CHANEL from now....LOL