What do you carry your ID/PLASTIC in?

  1. what do you carry your CC or IDs in?:shrugs:
  2. I use a leather coach skinny and when i pickup my little stam most likely a MJ ID flap.
  3. I have them all in my LV koala wallet right now.
  4. I love my Vuitton Geode (they don't make it anymore) and lately I've been using my Vuitton Zipped wallet with ID holder. In fact, I need to clean it out. It's stuffed!
  5. I use a a 6 dollar ID case from Target to hold my driver's license in. My other cards go in my fuschia perfo wallet right now.
  6. I have my cc & id in a checkbook that I've had for years. Bought it at Kohls for like $12.00. As for my other cards like my insurance & blood card they go into my coach wallet.
  7. All my cards go inside the card slots of my Bosca wallet
  8. Everything is in a Disney wallet I have.
  9. LV Business Card Holder.
  10. Right now, I'm using my Coach lemon coin purse. During the school year, I use a Coach mini skinny or a Marc Jacobs coin/id purse. When I go back to school at the end of August, I'll probably just use a Coach ID lanyard because I don't have to carry around my key anymore.
  11. it depends what bag I'm wearing. I'm constantly changing wallets! I wish I could find THE one wallet that went with everything.
  12. LV Passport Organizer wallet. ::looooooooooooooves::
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