What do you carry your Gift Cards In?!

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  1. I seem to always have an overwhelming number of gift cards (more than 3-5) that I don't want to fill my wallet with and am looking for a way to carry them as I often find myself looking for one I left at home.

    What do you keep or carry your gift cards or even discount cards in?

  2. I have a small key pouch [like the coach mini skinny] that I carry gift cards, loyalty Cards, and Keychain Cards on.
  3. In my LV key pouch, or my agenda if I'm carrying it.
  4. i keep my loyalty cards in a canvas coin pouch with my metro card so i can scan it at the subway stations without taking it out. My wallet has cash and debit/visa cards, and IDs (e.g., driver license, health card, etc). I don't like putting cards in my key pouch that has keys, because all the cards fall out when i take out my keys
  5. RM pouch
  6. You could look into Coin, it's not out yet but when it is you will be able to load 8 credit cards, gift cards, or any other card with a magnetic stripe and just carry the one card.
  7. I carry all my cards in my wallet - can't be bothered to carry a separate card case. This means my wallets are large and always full. If I just run off to the store I put my debit card in my DKNY key pouch and let the keys hang outside. I've been on the lookout for a new, pretty key pouch with a separate card compartment for a long time but with no success...my old one was a nice Esprit pouch with the extra space for cards, but my parrot also loved it. To bits. :lol:
  8. Omg ur story is so adorable!! And ur parrot cute too. You should check out the Michael kors saffiano colorblock key purse. It has spaces for cards! When I was looking for key pouches it was def one on the list, but I yielded to mbmjs petal to the metal cuz I love the leather.
  9. one of those business card holder things (they come in up to a million) (get from amazon or staples).
    Mine is about 4 cards tall, 1 card wide (size of a standard full size wallet), but very thin.
    holds all those stupid cards nicely and takes up only a small amount of space (assuming you wear a full size bag).
  10. Thanks :smile: My lil' shredders (there's two of them) have good taste - and that's why my more expensive bags are kept at floor level or in the closet whenever the feathered torpedoes are out of their cage. :biggrin:
    I'll have to take a look at that MK purse, I've been wanting something in saffiano leather for a while now and that sounds like something I'd end up using for a long time! Thanks for the tip!
  11. Thank you I read about that in another forum and it seems that the cost of it is pricey.
  12. I love and have the Lodis, but not enough spaces.