What do you carry when it's hot & humid?

  1. Just curious what everyone carries when it's a hot, sticky summer day; I am debating what to take to work tomorrow! :sweatdrop:
  2. Since it's getting hot I'm carrying more my summery bag, my watercolor tote, now; it's perfect for hot days!
  3. Going to be 90 degrees in my state tomorrow! But I'll still be carrying my khaki/ebony Ali....I can't put her away!!! Not even long enough to take out my new khaki/black Carly!!!
  4. right now I'm still using my large leather soho flap, but i usually don't change my bags unless I get a new one
  5. Gatorade and whatever matches my outfit....
  6. Choco Carly is my everyday bag for right now! I'm in Dallas and it's been raining everyday for a month! Carly got some water on her today but I felt better having a non-leather bag in use!
    Otherwise I'd be using my Pond Shoulder or Large Ergo tote.
  7. My pear leather hobo!!
  8. Oh yes, 90 degrees! Stay cool!:p
  9. Right now I am carrying my Carly. I have a soho hobo thats lightweight and light in color and a soho camel flap thats lightweight too.
  10. well....i stick with signature. tomorrow, i will be in an office all day so ill be using the geranium satchel for the first time (eventhough it will be GROSS weather...thank goodness for AC!)
  11. signature because it can stand a little more harsh weather. and yes, ^^thank goodness for A/C because it is heating up quick.
  12. My hamptons small tote in white!
  13. My Turquoise Large Ergo Hobo. It's 110 here now. Crazy hot. I like the Ergo because it's so comfy and light weight. It doesn't add to the weight of the sweltering heat. The cool colour is refreshing too, and there's not too much hardware to burn me (yes, that actually happens. I can't even wear metal jewelry because it burns me in the summer)
  14. White Patent Ergo Hobo! :wlae:
  15. It's hot and humid here in NYC and I am wearing my Ergo Patent Mahogany Hobo. If it rains, it wipes off clean, no water spots at all. I think that the signature is great for this kind of weather as well.