What do you carry to class?

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  1. I was inspired by another thread for students and wanted to know - what do you guys carry with you to class? I go to a pretty unstylish school (9 out of 10 girls in california are pretty, the other one goes to my school, or so the saying goes) but I like to carry my bags around. I take my whiskey Edith conteen to class. It fits my laptop, my notebooks, and more! On days when I carry a textbook, or on days when it's raining, I just carry a backpack. One time in class a girl commented on my bag and said "That is a VERY nice bag" and I kind of suspect that she knew it was a Chloe. It felt a little awkward actually, but I said thanks. Am I weird for carrying a designer bag to class? Is it the equivalent of wearing stilettos? What do you guys think?
  2. I'm studying in SF AAU and lots of Korean students here wear branded stuff. I never noticed what bag they carry since I can't tell :s . Fashion merchandising students here also buy many branded stuff. My friend's roommate's friend (we're connected via the massive aau kingdom! O_O) whose in that course actually got a 20% off Coach boutique coupon few days ago. So I ordered a few charms as xmas gifts.

    Oh yeah, back to your question, I carry a simple denim coach tote to class when I need to fit my sketchbook. I don't think it is awkward unless the logo is too BIG...then...I guess it is awkward.
  3. i was studying design and i carried lots of stuff, sketch books, paints, markers, lots of pencils.. so i use to carry a big backpack, i don't want to ruin my nice bags worrying the paint might leak :P
  4. I just carry a Timberland messenger bag.
  5. in my school since its in NYC, most of the girls I guess you can say are very fashionable. i've seen alot of coaches, balenciagas, louis vuittons,pradas and occasional chanels. (don't know if theyre actually real but out of my friends who carry them i'm pretty sure they're authentic). i carry my kooba and coach bag since they fit my books :smile:
  6. I carry a messenger bag that I got at American Eagle for like 30 dollars. I love my designer bags but when girls go out of their way to carry them to class it seems to me like they are trying too hard and showing off a little. Not to offend anyone, but I roll my eyes at the girls who haul a big leather MJ bag to class along with their heavy laptop case. I just bring whatever I need- I don't see class as a fashion show. I could definitely find merit in bringing a designer tote or something practical, though.
  7. A lot of people here (main LA university) carry LV or Coach totes or messenger bags. I carry my laptop and a purse (whichever one I love most that day)!
  8. Definitely nothing fancy here, I carry my life in an Eddie Bauer backpack - holds my laptop, binders, texts, my lunch, big water bottle, everything! I have a Coach tote that I carry when I'm going to the campus gym though. Most people in my class are backpackers, we just have too much crap, and can't be bothered with switching bags every morning for style. There are a couple girls who carry little designer totes, and they really stick out, but hey, each to his/her own right? I guess med school isn't the place for fashion plates in general, versus other grad schools where I notice students are much more stylish!
  9. I carry my stuff in an Abercrombie canvas tote. I love canvas because when it gets dirty from being on the floor all day, i just throw it in the washer and it's as good as new.
  10. In college (East Coast, similar academic reputation as your school), people were pretty preppy so freshmen year, it was all about Kate Spade nylon totes. After that I don't remember what was "in." (Plus that was years ago.) But I do remember seeing anything from LV (like tiny patchwork ones -- not practical) to Jansport backpacks. Most carried nondesigner bags but some rotated their designer bags. It wasn't a big deal. I don't think it was a big deal what anyone wore, actually. Some were more fashionable, most were college casual. No one batted an eye. I don't know what California is like but do people really care?

    Currently in business school/grad school I see anything from Goyard totes to Goldman Sachs messenger bags to your standard backpack. It's a similar mentality. The school is preppy but there are only a few fashionistas (like this AMAZING girl who had just about every LV -- and I don't really care for LV -- in existance, wearing what had to be Peter Som and Derek Lam!) and they carry Marc Jacobs or Fendi. People don't really say much about them except once in awhile how "hot" and fashionable they are.... (The business school is 2:1 male:female so these women really stand out.)
  11. A roomy stylish tote, or a 18"x26" portfolio, or both.
  12. Haha, I don't know if it's like wearing stilettos to class or not but I do it anyways! I rotate out my Coach Tote, Juicy Messenger, and LL Bean tote. I love the LL Bean tote because it holds the most and is easy to care for. The Coach and Juicy bags are fun though and I wear them when I'm feeling festive, haha.

    It's a huge competition at my school. Everybody trying to outdo everybody else, I've never actually looked to see if anything was real though. I sat next to this girl in Chem who was obessed with making sure everyone knew her LVs were real-- anytime she brought one to school she'd also bring along the certificate of authenticity and the receipt from the boutique.. kinda overkill if you ask me!
  13. I live in O.C. and most girls in my school just love Juicy or Gucci. I'm guessing it's because of the sizes they come in. I just carry some unbranded bag...since they get thrown on the floor so much, i don't see a point in wearing a LV or something
  14. Hi there! I am a university student too. I think it really depends on your university. I go to an expensive international school, so we have a lot of oil heirs and, for some reason, really rich Bulgarians, and also a high percentage of what I'd call upper middle class Americans. So you get a mix of things...you do see a lot of designer bags. And wearing stilettos to class is perfectly normal here!! :graucho:

    I personally tend to carry my notebooks in cheap totes. I have a bunch of the free ones that come with magazines! And a couple from places like old navy. They tend to get really overloaded since I have 4 classes on one day this term and I'll also shove in my lunch and other random stuff, so I just use cheap ones and am not very careful with them. With nice bags I don't like to put in water bottles or food, or stuff them full of heavy things like books and my laptop, so I don't usually use them for class, or only on days when all I'm bringing for class is like 1 small notebook. My dad (kind of a random gift giver) sent me a rucksack earlier this term and I've used it during super busy times when I was going to class, working part time, and dogwalking, and hardly had time to go home.

    All that being said, I would not feel awkward AT ALL with carrying an Edith!! I LOVE them. :love: If you have it you might as well wear it all the time! Show it off to the world! ROCK YOUR EDITH! haha! Honestly, it works with really casual styles and to the 'uninformed' it doesn't scream 'designer', they might just think, what a nice leather bag. So I wouldn't worry about it looking like you're 'trying too hard' or anything.
  15. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Now THAT is odd behaviour! Actually kind of tacky, I think. (the girl in your class I mean, not you! your bags sound brill :heart: )