What Do You Carry On The Plane In Your Hermes Carry-on?

  1. this whole birkin35cm stuck in a longchamps bag, we can't take a proper carry-on anymore conversation that started last night got me thinking and fretting.....
    i take sooooo much on board. my best friend can go away for two weeks with a birkin and a longchamps carry-on and that's it!
    i take more to the office...on the plane I take --

    laptop apple 13inch powerbook
    bose headphones to cut out noise
    two books
    all my jewelry
    all my make-up
    cashmere sweater
    extra white tee-shirt
    on overnight flights a pair of splendid sweat pants
    an heremes agenda
    all my various chargers
    cosmetic bag with lots of moisterizer, jet lag tablets, face mask etc.
    cosemetic bag with all our medications -- we do need,may need, will prboably never need.
    folder with zerox copies of passport, all travel documents etc.
    extra address book
    sometimes a few dvds
    usually about eight magazines

    im in trouble.......
  2. So.....you travel light?:lol: Is there anything left for you to actually check-in?
    all kidding aside, I think you better contact the airline you fly if ANY of that is still permissable:sad: , I am a little worried about the new "NO" list... I like to bring extra water and lipstic and moisturizer on the plane, the air is allways so dry. If they disallow these, I will have to "grease up" my face with vaseline before I get on the plane!:s :yucky: :lol:
  3. Lordy, I've got a nice long flight to Europe looming and I'm already in a fret. Got a nice Fourre Toute bag all ready to go but now I have to streamline all my stuff! The camera is the biggest problem....no nice small handy-dandy little thing. This is a 35mm digi with lenses! Once that baby's packed where am I going to put the books, mags, agenda, travel pillow, Kelly Elan, cashmere stole, sweater, dox/copies/files, other electronics and God only knows what else I'm forgetting!

    ...the whole thing is making me a wreck......
  4. You can't bring any cream or liquid, but you can bring stick lipstick or chapstick. No gloss or liquid foundation. All that has to get checked now. I've heard that some airlines are handing out water bottles as soon as you get on the plane.
    On an overnight flight to Europe, this is what I'd bring. Probably would leave BIrkin 35 at home and I'm pretending I have my Kelly 32 retourne. I'd take the kelly and a Longchamp tote, which would hold Kelly during security checks. I'd check a big trolley suitcase.

    In Kelly:
    Small makeup bag (with one lipstick, tic tacs, pen, Carmex stick lip balm, comb, one of those new disposable toothbrush things, small mirror, aspririn, band-aid)
    - Small travel wallet
    -small pouch of jewelry
    -sunglasses and case
    - Copies of all docs
    - small notepad
    -Cell phone

    In Les Pliages:
    I-pod and charger
    -Paperback book
    - Pashmina
    -small extra white tee or tank
    -travel pillow
    -tiny umbrella
    -ziplock bag with a few powerbars or snacks/fruit
    That's all folks!
  5. Do you think they will allow powerbars? :s I did not even think of that! that is my main staple on the plane!:sad:
  6. Sure - it's not a liquid. No yogurt, pudding, jello
  7. Avandome, the last time I flew through Heathrow, I flew BA and there were staff members distributing bottles of mineral water to all the passengers as we came through the security checkpoint because no liquids were allowed in carry-on luggage. We did have to drink the water before the flight, though. And on board they had stocked additional bottles for us all. I hope that service continues, at least until the new restrictions are lifted.

    Back OT -- traceyd, my carry-on almost always contains:

    make-up bag (now virtually empty since no creams, lipsticks and gels are allowed -- I did get away with lipliner and eyeliner pencils, though, so I could touch-up if necessary)
    a glossy magazine
    whatever book I'm reading
    my digitial SLR, wrapped in a cashmere sweater or pashmina

    And that's about as light or as heavy as it gets for me.
  8. The last time on a flight (this past Feb.) I carried

    Birkin 30cm
    GM Zip agenda (contained plain notebook refill, passport, ID, credit card)
    Karo GM
    pressed powder
    lip balm
    copies of passport & other documents
    plane tickets
    Hermes cashmere/silk shawl
    Hermes sleeper/dust bag (to protect bag while on filthy conveyor belt)
    1 oz. bottle of Kiehl's Creme de Corps
    small bottle of Advil

    Everything else was in a LV Pegase 60 in overhead bin. I never check luggage in, but looks like I'll have to on my next trip. =(
  9. 24, would you check in your Pegase? Knowing how the baggage handlers tackle luggage, I would fear for my suitcase.

    In fact, I was flying from Marseilles to London on the first day the BA restrictions went into effect and they wouldn't let you take on ANYTHING apart from a wallet and your passport. All the passengers before me were checking in their purses, but I'd bought some fragile antiques and had my SLR in tow. I told the air hostess I couldn't possibly check those in. And in response, she handed me a zippered plastic mesh bag and said their baggage handlers would take good care of them.


    My immediate response was: "Well, not that I don't trust your baggage handlers, it's just... well, that I don't trust your baggage handlers," I said. "Right, then, uncheck me in. I'll take the train."

    And I did. Hung out in Paris and London for a few days while waiting for the restrictions to ease up a bit and finally flew out.

    But I learned my lesson. Pack light, and dont buy anything fragile you can't take on board with you.
  10. Gina_b, no way would I check in my good luggage! My alternates are black Tumi 20" and 22" trolleys but I can manage with a 20" since I travel REALLY light. One time I brought home 7 handbags without checking anything in! LOL On that trip I brought a Pegase 60, a big Tumi backpack, and a Kelly 32. Well, I did have to slip a handbag into my husband's backpack!
  11. inside my birkin 35 black chevre (will actually be flying this weekend) :

    dogon wallet
    palm treo
    chick literature incl. glossy magazine
    MAC lipstick in paramount (rest of the PRADA makeup kit will be checked-in)
    sugarfree gums
    boarding pass/plane tickets
    canon sd20 cam
    a pen
  12. I also had a flight the day of the new restrictions...chapstick was allowed at one airport, but not at the other... In the am, had to "dump" my lipstick...it was allowed in the pm...

    I would advise not to take any makeup that you do not have a duplicate of in your checked bags...just in case...

    For international travel, does a Birkin count as your "one bag"...or can you take a Birkin and another small carry-on?
  13. ^ The restrictions are much lighter now, unless your'e going in or out of Heathrow. Still unsure about number of carry-ons allowed and this is why I'd leave room in my Pliages for my purse so it could all look like one bag if it had to.
  14. If you can fit your Birkin inside of another carry on then it only counts as one carry on. If however, you take your Birkin out then you have a separate carry on. I always get popped for this in San Antonio and have to shove my purse in one of my carry ons.
  15. im still confused...if you use your birkin as your purse, then aren't you allowed to have a proper carry-on...say a longchamps or an lV duffel or something....