What do you carry in your YSL?

  1. Especially with the larger bags like the Downtown and O/S Muse, what do you tend to throw in your bag?

    I'm also curious about what types of wallets others are carrying in their big bags. With the Downtown, I feel like the wallet gets tossed around in there with everything and am trying to decide whether I feel comfortable with a high-end wallet in there. I need to grab a new large wallet so I could go either way. I was considering maybe an MJ zip wallet/clutch or I could go cheapy with something like a Cole Haan. What do you carry in yours?

    And then I was wondering how much everyone fills their bags with additional items. When I have the luxury of a bigger bag, I like to carry a large wallet, phone, iPod, keys, sunglasses with case, eyeglasses with case, cosmetic case, umbrella and maybe a book or magazine. In the winter, I'll also stuff my gloves and scarf into my bag when I'm inside.
  2. I have the downtown in medium and it's so roomy! I haven't switched wallets because I change bags quite frequently and also it'll just add weight!

    When carrying it for the day, I have a small wallet, makeup case, another larger lightweight case to hold loose items (such as address book, iPod, mints, pack of tissues, store coupons, pen, etc.), personal cell phone, work blackberry, work notebook, eyeglass case, and a light wrap for when I go to movies). All of this already makes it on the heavy side for me! On the weekends, contents are scaled scaled down.
  3. 2nd poster...you fit ALL that in the medium??? Doesn't your shoulder kill you by the end of the day???
  4. wallet, make-up bag, ipod, thermos mug, keys, umbrella, mobile phone, rain hat..... and sometimes high heels to change into at work, but I try not to do do that too often
  5. If its during the day then I carry my wallet, agenda, umbrella, small makeup bag, notebook, pen, ipod, mobile phone, sunglasses case and a small bottle of water.
    Usually if im taking my bag out for dinner, then its just wallet, makeup bag, phone and maybe an umbrella.

    lol i almost forgot to mention the bag i was talking about! OS muse.
  6. I don't have to walk too much (suburban life) so I never have to carry my bag for too long a period of time.

    In my medium DT, I usually carry:
    small wallet
    digital camera
    cell phone
    makeup bag
    detachable hard drive
    plastic file folder
  7. Continental wallet(travel LV), coin purse(LV), huge sunglass case, small notepad w/pen, water bottle. I also carry the small items in this fab purse organizer called 'pockets' - it looks like a thick fabric belt with pouches from end to end - hand sanitizer, lip gloss, oil paper, keys, mobile phone, tide-to-go, mints, antacid.