What do you carry in your Medium Classic Flap?

  1. I’m thrilled to have purchase my first (actually I bought two) Medium Classic flap bags, but am kind of troubled with the lack of room.
    I have a wallet, makeup bag and very small work agenda inside and then theres no room of anything else.:shrugs:
    How are you ladies carrying your essentials?
    I also wanted to have easy access to my cell phone an put it in the back pocket so I wouldn’t have to keep opening and closing my bag.
    Do you think I may stretch it out?:wtf:

    Really appreciate your thoughts in input.
    Thank you,
  2. Lisa, I face the same same problem. This bag is not meant to be a bag you can stuff junk in. I have a huge Gucci wallet that is bulky but carries all my essentials (business cards, coupons, checkbook, stamps, etc) in addition to CCs and cash. The medium classic flap can only house it, nothing else. No room for my razr, compact, lipstick. I can force it but closing it would be a struggle and I certainly don't want to stress the nice leather too much. My solution was to switch wallets whenever I want to carry my med flap/ 225 reissue. Gucci to a simple thin LV billfold, coin wallet, razr, compact +lipsticks, stash papers/coupons on to the little loveletter pockets.
    Back then in 30s, 50s accessories were so tiny! Nowadays the working woman has to have practical yet stylish accessories, myself included.

    Though the jumbo would be so much more practical for day use, it absolutely looks ridiculous on me. I've tried liking it! I'm 5' 96 lbs, it looks like a messenger bag on chains on me.

    My SA offered a chanel caviar checkbook wallet to solve the problem, but I can foresee the same bulky issue with that one if stashed with all my crap.
  3. absolutanne, I'm also 5' 96lbs!How funny is that?
  4. I have the same problem! I feel like there's no room, I just carry my wallet my blackberry pearl,car keys and and a pack of gum!:sad: but I still love my classic flap!
  5. same problem here !!!! i really wanted to get a jumbo for practicality...but it would look humongous on me...so everytime i use the bag, i just threw in those CCs in the loveletter pocket, a schedule, keys and phone in the main interior...no more wallet carrying !
  6. i use LV Koala agenda that doubles as wallet w/fliofax inserts, also cles for extra CCs, this enable me to fit my huge Nokia 7610 and a lip gloss of the day. I don't carry check book w/me, so may be that's why medium can be use as everyday bag for me? well, not that i can afford Chanel as everyday bag, i have my LV to be the work horse ^^
  7. I appreciate hearing I'm not alone...
    I think I carry too much makeup essentials:s
  8. My SO gave me the Jumbo Classic Flap for Xmas because he (understandably enough) thought it more practical, but because I'm barely 5' tall, I exchanged it for the large/medium. I've ditched carrying my checkbook (almost never use it anyway nowadays), and to eliminate the bulk of a "French wallet" with coin purse, I've been using a simple bi-fold wallet for paper bills & credit cards and found a cute little leather, change purse at Longchamp which can be stashed in whatever space is not taken up by my cell phone and fountain pen case. If I'm willing to not carry a powder compact & brush, I can also fit in my digital camera. Lip gloss in the lipstick pocket, but I've yet to figure out how to make use of what little space there is in those pockets on either side of that.
  9. :lol::lol::lol:
    Definitely not a lot of room in the medium. It's just not practical for every day for me, but great for quick outings like lunch or dinner. I can fit my wallet (small Chanel) coin purse, smartphone (Cingular 8125), compact, lipstick, pen and card case (very small and flat for business cards). Case for sunnies has to stay in the car. :sad: I have a vintage 80s tote for every day use.
  10. I use mine as an errands or dinner bag - I can hold my Hermes wallet, keys, lipgloss, compact, cell phone (Motorola Razr) and my PDA in it comfortably. That's it!
  11. I use my medium flap as an evening bag, primarily. Not much fits in it, but I love it.
  12. Where do you guys put your cell phone?
    I would rather not have to open and close my bag everything I access it..you know, all those fan club calls :lol: :lol: aka hubby...

    I'm kind of concerned I could stretch out the back pocket putting it in there, what do you think?
  13. I would definitely not advise trying to stuff a cell phone into the back pocket of a medium classic flap! :s Way too tight!
  14. Thanks Cosmo...

    I'm so use to easy access bags, I'm going to have to get use to that.

    I was thinking about pitching my wallet and putting my cc cards, license and folded up money in those little back pocket, but I'm not sure how I will like that.