What do you carry in your bag.

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  1. Seems like most women carry 2-3 bags as do I. I'm curious to know what you carry. My primary bag has all my belongings and my secondary bag carry my lunch, reader, mail and the kitchen sink. I got so used to carrying so much, I feel naked without it.

    So what do you carry aND do you really need to drag it with you?
  2. I'm the same! My purse usually has all my essential stuff (wallet, phone, make up, etc). I carry another bag which includes my lunch, and sometimes I would carry a third bag which would be my shoes to change into when I'm at work and a scarf in case it gets cold.
  3. I try my best to only carry the things I will definitely need out and about:
    Phone, lipstick, mini brush, compact powder, keys, purse, coin purse, tissues, and a mini wallet that contains tablets & plasters for emergencies :P
  4. I hate to carry more than one bag, so it usually has to be a big one, especially for work! I carry a little pouch for painkillers, keys, lip balm etc. I also have to have a water bottle, a thermos flask for tea, a scarf and gloves, my wallet and my lunch food. I try to downsize but I always feel like I need more stuff!
  5. I usually carry one large bag instead of several small ones, preferably with an outside pocket for easy to reach stuff. For a work day my bag holds my small wallet, makeup bag, kindle, hand lotion, moleskine pocket sized planner, sunglasses, iPod, compact brush, mini hairspray, water bottle and sometimes lunch box. The outside pocket holds my keys and bus pass in a little key holder, work badge, lipstick, chapstick and sanitizer.

    There is also room for a folder with papers at the back of my bag too, if I need it!
  6. Just one bag.. it's crammed with pouches...wristlet, mini skinny/card holder, two pairs of gloves(this time of year) my coupons.. all my nail care, lip stuff., lotions, pain meds... my phone... hand sanitizer.. Sometimes there will be paperwork, flyers for shops and so forth.. also not afraid to stuff a small purchase in there instead of carrying it separately.

    I think by most standards, i carry fairly light but boy the bag feels heavy anyways :giggles:
  7. Thanks for sharing, it seems like we all have lot to carry. Always on the go and not missing a beat or anything important we need. You never know when you'll need a survival kit. I'm thinking about adding this to my load.:smile:
  8. My everyday bag holds all my essentials... wallet, keys, cosmetic bag, phone
    & perhaps some other incidentals..
  9. I carry alot of crap but it's necessary because I might be 200 miles away from home or in the middle of nowhere when I need f.e. a nail file, tablet or medicine. So my work bag is huge - well, both of them as I carry a backpack for work things like money, indoor shoes, extra clothing, safety vest and first aid kit - and filled to the max.
    In my Samorga organizer there's (at least) wallet, sunnies, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, tissues, pill box, pouch for bandaids & toothpicks etc, fildable brush, perfume, key pouch, Nude Magique makeup base, lip products, hair bands, xylitol candy, ginger candy for motion sickness, energy drink, aloe vera gel, an old Berocca tube full of loose xylitol, hand cream, earbuds. I think that's all. :P
    Oh and outside the organizer there's a water bottle, an A5 sized planner, tablet and work papers I might need to find quickly. Without rummaging through my backpack, that is.

    Here she is, Large LP and the contents:
  10. a lot of stuff including food loll.

  11. You sound just like me I also carry a lot "just in case of" even though I work in the middle of the Copenhagen, live 20 minutes from my work and rarely go out of the city further than visiting my parents in the suburbs.
  12. I carry my stuff in a zippered bag organiser to feel extra secure.

    I always have: a mirror, headphones, Clipa, gum, cotton tote, a few makeup essientials (brows, concealer, lipbalm and lipcolor of the day), a book, a notepad, wallet (with swisscard), agenda, small pencil case, different meds, salty liqurerice for motion sickness, moisturizer (hand and face), phone power bank plus cables, sunnies, mittens, LV dustbag for my leo scarf, and my "just in case" bag (LV DE pochette with ebay gold chain strap) consisting of: pasport, sewing kit, hand sanitizer and mini: perfumes (Clean Skin, Boss Nuit and Chanel Coco Noir), deodorant, Chanel Pirate Lipstick, Dior Lucky Lipstick, Chanel Mascara.

    As if I were going to be in the middle of nowhere and then needing something that I could not get within 5 minutes. But I like to feel prepared, and am often out from the morning until bedtime
  13. I carry 2 bags on a weekly basis. The first and main one: wallet, keys, makeup pouch consisting of 4 lipglosses (I don't really need all 4 lipglosses everyday but I do like lipglosses), sunglasses case with sunglasses, mobile phone, phone charger with power bank, bank booklets, a pouch for tissues and wet napkins. The other is a work tote: umbrella, agenda planner, stationary case, a file for misc papers.

    If I were to downsize to a crossbody or wallt on chain, I think I should be able to just carry: mobile phone, cards, money, a lipgloss.
  14. Entirely too much-wallet, keys, card case, two zip cases for coupons and small items (nail clipper, lip balm), gum, flashlight, sunglasses, earbuds. Phone sometimes (usually in my pocket) and tissues. Doesn't seem like a lot but it does get heavy.