what do you carry in your bag?

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  1. I've seen some ladies' bags that are soooo organised and therefore gorgeous and I'm so jealous...Anyhow,all I carry are keys,an agenda,my cell,wallet and a small cosmetic case.How about you?
  2. Exactly the same as you, with the addition of sunglasses and gum!
  3. Wallet, phone, keys, mints, lip gloss, concealer, pills, sometimes mini perfume, etc.
  4. keys, cell, agenda, wallet, small case that has small items(wipes) and Ipod.
    Med's, (at times b/f cell/kkeys and wallet)
  5. i had the same question a few weeks ago. If you like, you can search over for that thread. :biggrin:
  6. Wallet, sunglasses, gum, mints, lipgloss, wet tissue, keys.
  7. Purse, keys, mobile phone, make up bag with compact and lippy, ipod shuffle, organiser (when I'm working). There's usually the odd Star Wars character or Gameboy also to be found in there too - courtesy of my 6 yr old.
  8. Oh probably the usual stuff:
    cell phone
    lip gloss
    feminine stuff - hee

    If I have a larger tote I will probably throw in a water bottle, magazine and maybe my iPod too depending.
  9. I need a big bag, since I always have my trusty A5 sketchbook with me at all times! also carry wallet, keys, mini make-up bag, iPod, mobile, agenda with pen, tissues & gum, sunglasses/gloves/umbrella (depending on lovely English weather!)

    I occasionally have to carry my bf's stuff as well :wacko:
  10. wallet, cosmetics case, blackberry, gum, mints, pen, toothpicks :smile: