What do you carry for "everyday"

  1. If it's BV- which one? Or do you save your bottega and carry something else for day to day tasks?
  2. For work, it's my Tods D tote bag. If it's a BV, it's between two Campanas (the smaller size), because the size/shape is perfect for everyday use. My black Campana, which is solid pebbled leather is practically indestructible and hard to get dirty. If it's nicer weather, I love to wear my woven Campana in Ebano chocolate.
    P1010016-1.jpg P1010009.jpg
  3. Either my large ebano campana or black grand shopping tote by Chanel. On the weekends, mostly the campana or black balenciaga and rarely fendi b bag (warm brown). I don't think I have carried around a bag as frequently as I have done the campana before.
  4. I've been quite lazy to change bags lately so I've been carrying my new BV Montaigne bag for days and days now in a row now. It's a great bag for everyday and for all weather. Otherwise, I use my Hermès Birkin bags and sometimes my Hermès Kelly.
  5. I do use my black Balenciaga city a lot. But i'm starting to use my BV veneta bag (in black) more. I only use her in good (dry) weather though.
  6. My Balenciaga Work in black is my everyday bag, and I adore her to death! :love:
  7. i use my limo sloane everyday and i LOVE it to pieces....
  8. I use my ball bag in ebano as my everyday bag because it matches everything and it holds up pretty well in bad weather.
  9. balenciaga Work or Day, color depends on outfits.
    BV that I have is not big enough for all my daily junks~
  10. Don’t really have a fixed ‘everyday' bag. It all very much depends on my mood and current love (of bag). My bags must be formal enough for work (in the finance industry) which I could also carry on into the weekend.

    Current favourite collection that I rotate :
    BV (Small Veneta Limo, Cocker Poudre)
    Tod’s (Kate Media in black, Mickey Media in cream)
    Anya Hindmarch (Cream Carker, Stone Alessandra)
    Loewe (Amazona in brown gold suede)
    Chloe (Cream Paddington)
  11. For spring and summer my everyday bag so far is the braided handle deerskin tote with the band of woven leather near the top--Poudre. I'm anxiously waiting delivery of my Ebano large Campana.
  12. I use my hazelnut ball bag.
  13. Whichever bag goes best with my outfit. Today it's my brand new Ball bag in ebano :yahoo: . Yesterday it was the Balenciaga Afternoon in naturel. The day before that was my Rouge Theatre City. I love being able to take out all my beauties!
  14. LaVan... i've followed you from the Hermes forum!! Nice to see you here too!

    i've been alternating my Veneta in Limo and my Hermes birkin in etoupe (similar coloring ... guess i'm going through a neutral bag phase). I love, love, love that the veneta can just sling over my shoulder and I'm out the door with my kids.
  15. For the last few days, my poudre sloane. I usually wear my platinum hobo bag from Not Rational or any MJ bag.