What do YOU carry around in your LV Pochette Accessoires?

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  1. I am considering buying one. I want to see if it would be big enough for my stuff.. hee hee ;)
  2. well depends where im going, but usually my phone, my cles, lip gloss, sometimes ipod, and theres still room to fit any papers that i may pick up along the way.
  3. i usually stick my treo, cles, lip gloss, and compact in mine. however, i have managed to fit a koala wallet in there too along with the rest of the stuff.
  4. Which is bigger- the Recital or the Pochette Accessoires?
  5. I use the Pochette as a makeup bag and stick it in a bigger purse.
  6. cles, lipgloss, pen, cell, and mirror. I don't like overstuffing my bags.

    I think there are some people who show how much they can fit on the LV board. You should check that out.

    beautifullife - I think the recital is bigger.
  7. I don't carry much so I actually use mine as a purse. I just carry my cell phone, lipgloss, keys, chap stick, and one of those little magic wallets. It all fits in perfectly.:yes:
  8. I use mine all the time as a small purse. Fits LV French purse wallet, cell phone, work ID, a few lipsticks, keys. I have lots of great bags, but I end up pulling the pochette out of the bigger bag and using it to run around during the day. Its great and very functional.
  9. I admit I LOVE the pochettes! I like to carry it when we go out or to the mall, it's easy on my arms and holds enough. I keep my small epi agenda (which holds my id and stuff), my razr phone, my house keys and my checkbook in it. It doesn't feel too full with all that either.