What do you call this haircut? (help needed)

  1. So, in the past I have asked for a "layered cut with a side parting" and all they do is cut a top layer with a curved/diagonal parting... I keep switching hairdressers because nobody seems to understand what I want. I am living in the UK so maybe it has a different name here...? Do you think it's worth taking the photo to the salon? I don't want to look silly. My most sincere THANKS in advance.

  2. Dont know, but I love it! I love the stacking on the side. I might have to print this off...I've been looking for a new cut for my long hair!
  3. I don't know what it's called either, but it looks so pretty. I have no shame in printing out a picture and bringing it to my stylist. I've done it before. This way I'm almost sure that I'll get exactly what I want, and they have a visual in case I can't explain it right (which usually I can't, lol).
  4. its a long layered cut. the layers around the face are" long face framing layers".
    you should print the pic and bring it w/you!
  5. i always bring a picture. last time, when i went from long to short hair i even brought my laptop to show my stylist a picture... i know my stylist appriciates the pictures because she knows exactly what i want, and i leave happy.
  6. great pic! You should definitely bring a picture because then the stylist can get a visual and give you what you want :biggrin:
  7. Yes, that would be a good idea. We all interpret words differently so the picture should clear up any misunderstandings. It's a great hair cut!
  8. Bring A Photo In Of What You Want
  9. dont feel silly bringing in a photo! I once brought my whole laptop in with me because didnt want the printer to distort the hair color i wanted to show my stylist! A photo will help you and your styist be on the same page, and you can finally get the cut youve been aiming for :yes:
  10. BRING PHOTOS! both of what you want and what you definitely DON'T want. it's the best way avoid miscommunications with your stylist. it's supemely important when using a new stylist.....but i still bring photos to my stylist of two years, even when i'm just getting the same cut i got last time. i haven't had a bad cut or wrong color since i started doing this five years ago (knock on wood).
  11. Definately bring the picture with you.
  12. always take a photo if you want a specific look but i'd call it long layered bangs split down the middle?
  13. def take a photo! it helps the stylist get a better visual of the look you are after.
  14. I agree that you should bring the picture with you!

    Around here they would call that long layers, angled around the face.
  15. Ok girls thank you SO MUCH. I have now booked my appointment... hopefully bringing the photo will work. I will be letting you know how it went... thanks again!!!