What do you call this color?

  1. Is it just 'dark brown' as the auction states? I think it's gorgeous and it has sparked my new found love for B Bags! I must have one of these. Where do I begin to look? Oh, and is the First bag just slightly smaller than the City? Thanks girls. :flowers:
  2. Hmmm, need a pic of the tag but I think it's Truffle 06.
  3. Thanks Glimmer, any advice on where to look for this exact bag?
  4. truffle is available this season too .. you should call BalNY, or NM or Barney's....aloharag.com might have truffle--you have to email them and ask for availability....diabro.net.

    There's a thread of stores that sell authentic bbags in the reference section of this Balenciaga subforum-- check that out for more stores and tel. numbers, etc.
  5. Looks like a truffle first but it's gone now

  6. I think the First is a lot smaller then the City!
    If you don't have a store near you to go to, you might want to order from NM or Barney's first b/c they have the best return policy :yes:
  7. Yep, there is little to no difference between the 06 and 07 Truffle. I will say that some of the 06 bags tended to have a little bit of green in them. Late in the season, the 06 Truffels that were left in the store had a lot of green. :yucky: The 07 version definitely does not. It's almost like they did a "do-over" in 07 to make up for some of the ugly 06 bags!