What Do YOU Call It?


One piece at a time
Nov 12, 2006
OMG for an Australian this thread is hilarious!! We have so many different names for the things you have said. A few of my favs that Americans usually get freaked out about over here -

Things you wear on your feet in summer to the beach
Aussie - thongs
US flip flops

What US call thong underwear we call g-strings.

Australian - jumper (wear when cold)
US - sweater

Australian - nappies
US - diapers

Australian - lounge
US - sofa

Coke, Pepsi etc
Australia - soft drink

If you ask any others I will let you know what we call them here.


Feb 6, 2006
hmm. i can't think of anything. i know us SoCalians call the freeways/highways as "The #" (The 5, The 405, the 605, etc) when we refer to directions. NorCal thinks we're weird for doing that.. apparently no one else does it either?? LOL.

Northern California : Hella :: Southern California : So (Much)

i can't think of anything else that we say that others say differently that i dont already know.. lol.


Apr 23, 2006
I moved to the midwest a few years back and took me awhile to catch on to some of the weird phrases/words! :P

My phrase -----> Midwest phrase
Coke (for all soft drinks) -----> Pop
Toilet -----> Stool (yuck!)
Couch -----> Veranda
Sloppy Joe -----> MaidRite
Graveyard -----> Cemetary

There are a bunch of others but I can't think of them right now! My biggest pet peeve is that around here, everybody says "breakfast, dinner and supper" and I have always said "breakfast, lunch and dinner." I hate it when lunch is called "dinner" -- just bugs me! :cursing:


Apr 27, 2006
ND is beautiful! Most people here call it soda though.....how cool is that! Even within a state it is different!

I've lived in Indiana all my life & have always called it pop. Funny though, from where I grew up in small town southern Indiana to now being bigger city central Indiana, some terms I use have changed..

Mom calls is "supper" & I call it "dinner", she "sweeps" & I "vacumn".


Settling in...
Mar 28, 2006
I am suprised no one added these yet (or maybe I missed it)

I call it a "clicker", you may call it a TV remote control?
I say I am going to "ring" someone, you may call someone on the cell phone?

Not 100% sure where I picked these up. I am a military brat who has lived all over the world (TX, VA, Germany, IN, Japan, and NY).