What Do YOU Call It?

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  1. So I've moved around from Canada to California to Indiana...and everyone calls things different names.
    So tell us what you call something and the next poster has to say what they call it and add something new.

    In Canada: Serviettes In US: Napkins
  2. I call sprite, coke, pepsi, etc. pop

    OT: I had no idea that the Canadians called a napkin serviette. Serviette is french for napkin, so I guess it originated from Québec. Cool!
  3. LOL My hubby looks at me weird whenever I say serviette at dinner....old habits are hard to break!

    Where I'm at now (IN) most people call coke, pepsi, etc. soda.
  4. I call them all by their given names.

    I don't know if it's an East Coast thing but a lot of people around here call pasta souce gravy.
  5. As a Canadian, I think napkin sounds so... sanitary. Kwim?

    Purplekitty - I call it pop too... I thought Americans called it "soda"? Here, soda = soda water.

    The place where you go to pee: I call it a WASHROOM.
  6. I have family that lives near the Illinois border, near Munster, Highland, IN area, and they always call it pop, I guess it's because of the closeness to Chicago...Notre Dame is a beautiful school, btw!
    Sorry for getting OT.:shame:
  7. I call a washroom a restroom.
  8. My family always said gravy, we're not on the E.Coast though, I always wondered if it was an Italian American thing but wasn't sure.

    And I'm in Chicago and i don't say pop! But yeah, most people definitely do!
  9. OMG Whistler...I use washroom ALL the time....I get horrible looks at restaurants in the US!

    Whistler: Soda vs. Pop depends on your region in the US. Ohio calls it pop, Illinois (near St. Louis) it is soda, and California it was soda.

    Statfan: How cool....I've never heard of that!

    Another one: In Canada: Chesterfield (was popular when I was a little kid...I don't think so now) In USA: Sofa
  10. in boston we called them "grinders" but here they go by "sub" (that long sandwich)
  11. ND is beautiful! Most people here call it soda though.....how cool is that! Even within a state it is different!

  12. Back in Canada we called them "submarine sandwiches" in Indiana/Cali: subs
  13. Chesterfield - OMG my in-laws use that all the time. That is sooo Canadian. Actually I think it's a remnant of our British heritage. I've never called it that in my life!! lol

  14. LOL! I remember it big time in the early 80s as a kid! Thankfully I think it's stopped being used!
  15. Pop is a upper midwest term.
    I used to call a glass of beer a "shell." Now I only drink champagne!