What do You Buy To Update Your Workout Gear ?

  1. What do you buy to update your workout stuff ?

    I will buy if needed, Sneakers/ Trainers .
    I have been using the same bag for over a year now , so maybe I will get a new one soon.

    I go through a lot of sports bra's leggings and socks. Ballet shoes for yoga ( I wear them instead of being bare foot, I'm a little anal about hygiene. )

    How about you ?
  2. Last purchase was clip in shoes for spinning. They make a big difference.

    Am starting to think about a LV Keepall for the gym but it would be a while. . . .(haven't even received the Speedy yet).
  3. Usually just shirts and pants. I also like having shoes just for the sport, like running shoes, cardio shoes, court shoes (squash), cross trainers for when you're at the gym for more than one thing.
  4. the t-shirts and trousers for me too :smile:. I'm about due another batch. I'm not fussed about my gym bag and I wear the correct running and crosstraining shoes for the particular workout,and they are not always the best looking unfortunately.

    I'm up for new Spring workout clothes,and I for one have been sucked in by those yummy Nike ads...:biggrin:
  5. i work out on a treadmill in my living room so i don't think anything has been replaced in ages...although i did switch from random cotton tees to white mens tanks recently. so much more comfy. i pick up new pants when they're on sale for less than 10 dollars. :smile:
  6. I love buying new workout pants :nuts: I get most of my workout clothes at Target, so I love going to look for comfy cropped yoga pants in different colors.
  7. Mostly workout pants. I only have one pair of sneakers/trainers that I only wear for working out. Most of my workout can be done at home so my wardrobe isn't that serious.
  8. I usually buy lululemon work out clothes. They are nice and feel nice when working out, yoga, pilates anything really and they keep u warm and cool. I use their bags as well. Basically I go lululemon all the way as for shoes I choose Nike shocks.
  9. I just bought some yoga pants at Target - on clearance for $5.99!!! They were $29.99. My husband thought I was a fool because I was so happy about it!