What do you buy in tandem/together....

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  1. Just wondering--When you make your COACH purchase (boutique, outlet, department store, online, etc.) and you are in there to purchase something, do you leave with two things? For example, when I go to the store and I'm there to buy a purse, I sometimes leave with the purse and a wristlet. Or, if I go to buy a wristlet, I leave with a wristlet and a keyfob.

    What do you do?
  2. It usually depends on how much money I have at the time... I always want to buy more.. but sometimes the bank account just says no :P
  3. it depends on what catches my eye! My hands usually end up full, and i end up putting stuff back as i make my rounds around the store. I don't think i've ever walked out of a store or outlet with only 1 thing!
  4. I totally hear ya on this one! That's why I try to bring someone along with me to talk me out of buying more than what I came in for.
  5. I like to match everything so I usually get a bag, wristlet (or make-up case) and a mini skinny.
  6. I usually look at the wallets, tempted to buy one, and decide I would rather spend a few bucks more and have ANOTHER purse :PNow, that being said, I did just buy my first coach wallet:wlae:
  7. I like to buy a purse and accessories at the same time. In the past, I've bought just the handbag with the thought of coming back to buy the additional items only to find they have sold out of them.
  8. I've had more wristlets and wallets in the past but ended up selling them on eBay b/c I just didn't use them enough. I like to have a couple of key things that I switch from one bag to the next. I'm not organized enough to switch out the smaller items, too!:graucho:

    I have the same Coach wallet I've had for a couple of years and just LOVE it so I don't need another one. I do have a couple of wristlets and just bought a top handle pouch as a small purse/large beauty case and a mini skinny but I don't own a miniskinny yet--going to use it for my business cards.

    I realized once when I had returned some smaller items that it added up to a new bag, so that has made me consider my little purchases more!

    Of course, I just couldn't resist the turtle key fob, and I'm still checking out the new large sig stripe makeup case with the legacy lining.

    We'll see if I actually stay on track here! The temptations are so great!:jammin:
  9. If I get a bag, I'll usually end up getting a matching wristlet or skinny.....anything else it just depends on what it is.
  10. Ditto :cry:
  11. I'm another one that loves to match. The last time I bought a purse (the second time!) I got the matching wallet, wristlet and key fob. I prefer to wait until I can afford to get the matching accessories when I get the purse.
  12. I alway say I'm gonna get a _____ and if i find a ( purse, wristlet, key chain,scarf, or wallet) that matches, coordinates, or that i convince myself has to go together, than it's fate and i must get it! lol but usually it depends on the $$
  13. on line I have purchased a hobo, wallet, wristlet set. A tote and key fob combo. A bag and a wallet. A Bag separetly. Then a wallet to match. Eventually, it all comes together!

  14. Ditto this. I used to only buy the purse and realize later I wanted the wallet. Then I began automatically buying the matching wallet...now I'm buying bag, purse AND items to accessorize my bag and my DH thinks I've gone nuts:nuts: I "blame" lurking here for my latest obsession:smile:
  15. I never mean to but when I buy a new bag I always end up getting a wallet or a keyfob/charm. Im bad about that.