What do you buy at CL? Just heels or...

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  1. ... flats, espadrilles, sneakers, every kind of shoes? And what do you think about them?

    It seems like my friends only own high heels from CL, so I haven't heard any first-hand experience about their shoes that are not high heels. They are not as passionate about CL as most of you though, and I was wondering if you also tend to concentrate mostly on high heels from CL or do most (even all?) of your shoes come from CL? If so what kind?

    I'm especially curious about wedges (platform/espadrille wedges) and flats. Are they comfortable? (I know many CL heels are not, so...) Do you prefer them to those from other brands?
  2. I bought two pair of ballet flats. Very comfortable. I had a coworker who noted that I had a pair of CLs heels and he'd bought a pair for his wife (this in a conversation about men and their expensive pens not complaining about any bag of stuff the wife brings home).

    When I told him I had more than one pair and I was wearing a pair of flats at that moment, he looked surprised and asked, "they come in flats?"


    I just bought a new to me pair of Miss Tack's I'm excited to get and try on.

    But I do own more heels (100mm only) than flats. I don't have any other designer brands to compare to, sorry.

    Good Luck.
  3. I just started buying CLs last month and i started with baila spikes in black in 85 mm followed by baila spikes flats in gold with red straps and leopard accent. As you can tell, I love spikes!

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  4. Here is the baila spikes in flats. Both flats and 85 mm are super comfy, no breaking in needed! I also own chanel heels and flats as well as Valentino kitten heels, CL by far are my most fave pairs!

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  5. Wifeyniya: I've been looking everywhere for a pair of baila spike black in 85mm in size 37. Did you find yours sometime ago? Also where did you purchase them? Thank you
  6. I got my 85mm through PSD! They're amazing, super resourceful!
  7. Wifeyniyan: Okay thank you!
  8. I had two pairs of Simple pumps and purchased some boot 2 years ago. I can't recall the name, but the had silver buckles and about 4 inc heel. I've wrong them once as they need broken in.

    CL lovers on the forum rarely comment on handbags and SLG's. I think CL bags are made well and unique. I am a big fan of Casino clutch before the changed happened in 2015. I like the older style with casino medallion on front flat.

    I'm pulling back on spending and been eyeing some of his lower heel sandals, but can't seem to budge.
  9. I just got my first pair of CL, the new simple pump 85mm. Am considering their flats once I get a hang of their shoes.
  10. I originally wanted a Pigalle 85mm, but saw the Riverina flats in black patent and fell in love!

    It's my favourite pair to date. They're understated but classy, sturdy, well-made, and comfortable for a pointed flat. My toes don't get squished (unlike my Valentino Rockstud cage flats).

    Everytime I wear it, I always think of getting another pair CL flats, so after about 4 weeks of contemplating, I decided to pull the trigger on a pair of Crosspiga in nude! Let's see if it's as great as the Riverina :smile:
  11. Love these!!