What do you bring on the airplane to entertain yourself?

  1. I clocked about 72+ hours in airplane time this past summer.

    I have a 6 hour flight to Chicago and I'm already dreading it! I can never sleep on planes... I read *super* fast so I'll have to bring two books with me, at least...

    Maybe I should invest in a Gameboy...

    How do you girls entertain yourselves?
  2. I bring a good book and a couple of glossy magazines. And my fiance if I can :biggrin:.(for conversation LOL).

    I don't play electronic games and I get *very* titchy sitting dead still listening to an ipod,so I don't tend to use those.

    I don't do things on my laptop either.

    Furthermore,unlike most other seasoned travellers I prefer a window seat...and if it's a daytime flight I hope to be able to see something out of it and dream...:biggrin: . (When I fly to South Africa there is about 4-5 hours of flying time over the Sahara desert....the most beautiful thing I've seen. I also love to see the Alps when flying from Italy to London or NL.)
  3. ipod? i usually just bring some magazines if i am traveling alone.
  4. Apple Ipod,a very popular type of mP3 player. Many people listen to it on all forms of transport.:P
  5. I'm always on planes & depending on the duration of the flight I usually bring one or two of the following: laptop (my personal choice of movies is much more entertaining than the in flight ones usually!), ipod (actually I have an ipod video now so I can probly stop bringing the laptop....), books, latest issues of cosmo &/or glamour. Have a great flight!!
  6. Ipod and Magazines
  7. Short haul (most of the time, sometimes 2-3 times a week to London or somewhere else in Europe)= Ipod and all the newspapers I could get in the lounge :roflmfao:

    Long haul= fashion magazines, Ipod and pray for a couple of good movies on board :smile: (but, travelling business class with BA means I'm usually sleeping as much as I can!!!!)

    Forgot: I always have my camera ready... I like to take pics of the sky and clouds... sounds silly but some pics are really beautiful!!!
  8. 800-page Vogue.. good book or ipod...
  9. My mp3 player, magazines and a couple of books.
  10. ipod and books/magazines.. but if i'm super tired, i'll knock out!
  11. i do not get to travel much. and was thinking of the same things. my vacation to vegas is qhuickly approaching and i have a nonstop flight. i think i will borrow my daughters gameboy and tetris. along with some books.
  12. I-pod, a stack of magazines and at least one good book. I'll also watch the in-flight movies (providing they're not too terrible). If all that fails, I'll just sleep through it:amuse:
  13. iPod, books, and in-flight movies. I tend to sleep a lot on the plane haha.
  14. im gonna have more then 12 hrs flight this Friday,,i hate that!!
    I bring good Magazine, book, and my ipod. And also MELATONIN, it helps me feeling tired!
  15. reading material- books, magazines

    if you can't sleep can you at least zone out or mull over decisions that you have to make

    i normally just process things going on in my life.