What do you believe that a lot of people find ridiculous?

  1. I believe that doctors dont really try to cure you or make you better (same with drug companies) because if you get better, they wouldnt get to take any more of your money.

    I believe that the JKF assasination was a government cover up. Too many people ended up dead and Lee Harvey Oswald was the unlucky person they chose to pin it on.

    I believe theres crazy military stuff at Area 51.

    I think Marilyn Monroe was murdered.

    I believe that ADHD/ADD were invented by drug companies to push pills to kids. My brother was diagnosed with ADHD and he has admitted that he isn't hyper, he just didnt like school.

  2. I believe Sept. 11th was an inside job. (I don't mean to offend anyone.)

    I too believe a lot of drug companies dont care to make people better, their in it for the money.

    I believe the US is thinking of merging with Canada and Mexico to make the currency worth more.

    I believe the US currency will become all on a credit card type gadget so they can track everything people buy.

    I believe in aliens.
  3. Mine have a lot to do with younger people in today's society.

    I believe for the most part, the education system has failed today's youth. Basic math and english skills are lost. When I hear someone say out loud "LOL" or "WTF" , it irks me and I will make someone repeat themselves.

    I don't think young people have respect for their parents anymore, much less other people.

    I think women today feel it is better to be pretty than smart which is why there is so much bad plastic surgery which looks more like disfigurement than pretty. But they think the un-natural look actually looks better than what they started off with.

    Doctors need to develop a surgery for the brain to insert a chip for common sense. I feel society on a whole is clueless.

    I think most drugs should be legalized. It would free up the prisons for real criminals like rapists and murderers.
  4. I agree with Hubba!:tup:
  5. I believe in astrology.

    I believe Diana and Dodi were murdered.

    I believe (as the OP posted) that a lot of this ADD and ADHD stuff is bullsh*t. It's called learning to GROW UP and develop self discipline, people.
  6. I believe its OK to discipline your kids. A little spanking never hurt nobody!

    I too believe 9/11 was an inside job(no offense!).

    I also believe ADHD and ADD is ********. And I agree with the self discipline, I guess that goes back to my #1, a little spanking never hurt nobody! lmao!

    I believe in Karma, and I believe I have seen it unfold with my own 2 eyes!

    I believe the government is hiding Alien activity at Area 51, and I also believe there is an Area 1,2,3,4,5 and so on all the way to 51(and maybe more!).

    I believe there is a cure to every disease, and the government has them hiding somewhere.

    I believe the government gave crack(and other drugs) to people in low income communities.

    I believe Im addicted to tPF.
  7. I believe the education system is awful!
  8. orderandlaw you always start the most interesting threads.

    I believe prostitution should be legalized. IT IRKS me that the police have prostitution squads set up where they IMO, waste time and money going after 2 consenting people.

    I believe that same sex marriage should be legalized

    Don't even get me started on the FDA and pharmaceutical companies...

  9. explain this please
  10. I don't believe in conspiracy theories :p
  11. Amen Hubbawubba!
    You hit the nail on the head
  12. ^ Same.

    I don't believe in global warming either.
  13. I, too, believe in all my heart that 9/11 was an inside job.

    Area 51....yeah, there is a WHOLE LOT that we don't know about.
  14. Holy Cow! No one has ever agreed with me, except for my Mom! Legalizing prostitution would do wonders! Clean these girls up, give them STD checks, and protect them! Who cares if you want to buy your sex..... you should be able to and have a safe experience! hahha...... nervously awaits backlash........
  15. I believe EVERYTHING you just said!!!!!:yes: