What do you attach to your Balenciaga outside pocket zipper?

  1. Hey girls, I saw some pictures of your b day bags with some CUUUUUUTE leather accessories attached to the outside zipper....Are those Balenciaga too? Where did u get them? Also, I have a floral print day with chestnut leather, the girl at Barneys said it's very rare, is it true? Any of you girls has a floral?

  2. Wooo do you have a pic of your day? :smile:
  3. Check out this thread, TONS of fun stuff!

    Bbag decorations
  4. Hey girls thanks!! I would love to get something prada to put on my balenciaga or like a little custom made jewel....actually in downtown Manhattan you can find some young designers selling their own jewels and charms on the street...I could check those out...

    I will post a picture tomorrow cause i don't have a difital camera on me now I can't wait for you girls to tell me what u think about this bag I've never seen another one like this before...