What do you always come back to?

  1. Is there a certain line that dominates your collection? A certain iconic shape? Do you try to branch out and always end up back at that line or shape?

    My collection is dominated by regular mono (including the LE pieces)...and by speedys and pochettes. I am currently planning on branching into Epi....I hope I really love it because I need some color in my collection! I want other shapes as well, but it is always that darn speedy that grabs my attention!
  2. Since I started collecting LV bags I noticed I when I need a bag in certain shape or color I always start looking from the Epi line first, it is so classic and easy care line, timeless all the way.
  3. all my bags are speedies! i love them. i like the mizi also, but don't have one yet, hopefully soon!
  4. That speedy is so enticing! I have 3 now. Every time I go to lv, I always look at all the speedies first.
  5. I only have one and thats my mono speedy 25. But i think the speedys are
    the best ones
  6. Monogram was my first love. With the help of the tPF I've branced in to Denim, Damier, Epi and Suhali.

    Lately I'm getting tired of monogram, with the exception of the limited, less know pieces. I don't know what happened. I need a new point of focus. :shrugs:

    The only way I will buy another mono piece is if its limited or a discontinued item.
  7. Mono seems to dominate my collection, but I do have one damier piece (mini ribera) and one mini lin (speedy). I would like to branch out but right now I'm on a purse ban! =( ! The shape I seem to be most attracted to is the more vertical shape--batignolles, bucket. Though I do have a popincourt which is a pretty horizontal shape. Wish I'd gotten the PH instead.
  8. I don't own 2 of any line. I have:

    One demin -baggy pm
    one Monogram -Speedy 30
    One Multicolore - wapity
    one cerises - cles
    one inclusion -speedy keychain

    I want to get the red epi pochette -my 1st epi
    and the Damier Azur mini pchette -my first Damier

    So still, I'll only have one thing from each line that I have.
  9. my collection seems to have more Monogram bags, Speedies and Papillons/Bedfords than anything else :lol:
  10. Monogram bags dominate my collection anyway. I'm starting to branch out. I have a red epi (Jasmin:heart:) and a black multicolor wapity that I've had since around May. I just bought a damier azur pochette accessoires. The brown monogram is classic and looks great with almost anything so I almost aways return to it.
  11. i seem to have developed a great love for speedies, although i only have 2 (mono 25, damier 30) at the moment, i plan on getting another one (azur 25)before the year ends......
  12. No, I think the majority of my bags are different styles, colors, material and/or shapes. I have 2 speedies, damier and damier azur but even though they have the same shape and pattern I think they are totally different. I also have 2 Onatahs who are different color, size and material. The rest of my collection includes 2 monos that I don't use that much, 3 epis all different color and shape, 3 vernis also all different color and shape, and the rest is a mixture of lines.

    That's one of the things I love about LV, so many different lines and there is always something new around the corner :heart:
  13. damier..damier..damier..:love:
  14. speedy here too!:yahoo:
  15. I always love pochettes, I just get the most use out of them......then in terms of a bag I keep revisiting to purchase it's the elipse.....even though I kinda prefer non-monogram bags lately, I've always liked this bag and just never got it for one reason or another...my husband wanted to get it for me on our honeymoon but they were out of the petite and I wound up getting something else, so 6.5 years and $400 in price increases later, I'm still thinking about it.....maybe x-mas......