What do you all use your coin purses for???

  1. Especially the Mini...how much does it actually fit? Does anyone here use it as their only wallet? I need motivation, people, help me out here:p !
  2. i love the coin purses! i only have one, the 4x6 one in an ice blue right now, but i would love to get a few more.

    i use it as my 'wallet' but it only carries about 5 cards (DL, 2 cc's, my club store card and my medical card) and cash and that's it. so i don't typically carry a ton with me in my 'wallet' anyway. before this i had a coach coin purse as a wallet.

    but what does it FIT? well i had cash, 5 cards, my katana cell and a lip gloss in there and it zipped shut quite easily. if i don't want to take my bag with me, aka to the gym, i just take the CP with my cell in it and i'm good to go.
  3. Are there different sizes in the coin purse?
  4. i think they have the normal one, which is bigger, and a smaller one. i'm not sure about the exact measurements, but i am pretty sure that there are 2 sizes for them.
  5. As far as I know the smaller of the two has been discontinued..I could be wrong though!! I know when I ordered mine Daphne didn't ask me what size I wanted. Mine is the 4x6
  6. I use mine as a blackberry case. When I go out and don't want to carry a purse, I add money, license, and credit cards. For example, when I go to the movies I don't like to put my purse on the floor, so I take my coin purse.
  7. Do you put it in your pocket? Or does it have something to carry it with?
    Also..if anyone has any extra time on their hands, maybe I could see a picture of the mini coin purse with the contents laid out beside it, as in what will fit in it:flowers:
  8. The smaller one was dicontinued after spring 05. The only one they have now is 4x6. Incidentally, I just got my grass green one and it is sooo gorgeous. I was seriously having second thoughts about it once I placed the order, but once I laid eyes on her, I knew I had to keep her.
  9. I wish they still did the smaller one too, the shape and proportions looks just perfect cuteness...
  10. What does the interior look like? Is it just one big pouch? Does it have anything you can carry it by? Sorry for all of the questions...
  11. the one that is still available, has black cotton interior like the bags and there is nothing you can hold it by. There is a tassle pull and a front little pocket w/ a tassle pull. There is a leather tag in the inside..is that what you mean??
  12. Hmm...I was thinking maybe there was an inner zip pouch or something. 4x6 is pretty big, you'd need a lot of coins...I want to use one to carry all of my cards and bills and coins but an interior little zippered part would be so convenient. I wonder if what I want doesn't actually exist ;)...the clutch is too big, I want the little envelope coin purse but with compartments! Come on, Mr. Ghesquiere, make it happen!
  13. I agree, stylefly, I was kinda wondering just how much it fits. It does sound big for a coin purse. But I fear using one and leaving it behind somewhere because it's smallish. Ideally, I was thinking the small one would be really cute and nice to put a few things into (cash, a few CCs, maybe a slim phone) BUT also be able to attach it to a keyring....does that make sense at all? I'll have to go play with them this weekend and see for myself!
  14. 4x6 seems big, but in reality I don't feel like it is that big at all. I use mine to carry my gum, oil blotter papers, lip balm, and little receipts and things like that. BUT, I just ordered a black toilet case so I might start using my coin purse for actual coins since all the other random bits will go into the toilet case.

    Here's my 05 Navy Bleu....

  15. ooo...now that's what I call motivation! I guess you could put the coins in the front pocket and atoss all of your other stuff in the main part, no? That is gorgeous LoriB, I :heart: the colour!!!