What do you all think?

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  1. So I bought the Fav. MM last month and while I love the bag, the strap doesn't seem very durable to me. I bought the Mono strap and I'm not sure if I should go with the Vachetta one. I do want to add that I will be buying the new mono Pochette so I will be able use this strap with it
    too. So which strap will be better? I love the fact this is a no worry canvas strap. Also, I do have the option of taking out the shoulder thing on this. Thanks as always!
    image-4168504166.jpg image-2329022558.jpg
  2. imo, vachetta strap would look bettter
  3. the mono strap looks good!!!! and the chain strap looks good also!! one looks more casual and the other dressy!!! can you keep both :graucho:??? but is i had to choose one.... i would say the mono!!
  4. I like the mono strap!
  5. Because I'm fairly new to pochettes if I were to see you on the street I would think the bag is fake because I usually see the bags with the vachetta strap, damier strap or chain. :sad:. The mono is cute though!
  6. +1
  7. I agree with both of these statements. Although I think the mono strap is cute, I think the vachetta strap looks better. I think perhaps this is TOO much mono! I would also think that perhaps this was fake since it wasn't the strap that goes with it. But all that matters is that you know it's real and you love it!
  8. I prefer the contrast of the vachetta strap. The mono one makes it look dated imo... Love the Favorite as a clutch best....
  9. Thanks so much for your replies. Although the mono strap does look nice, I see the point in it looking fake. I love it as a clutch too but I really love carrying it cross body as well. I may just get the adjustable vachetta strap.
  10. Sorry, but I would not factor in random uneducated passersby on the street, seeing the mono strap and thinking it's fake! How do you know what they are thinking, and if you did, why does it matter? I think it's cute, I know LV and I would know you were using their strap, I see women use this strap all the time for their speedies and pochettes. If YOU like, you should rock it!:rochard:
  11. ^^ Agree
    dunno why the mono strap makes it look dated... like it with vachetta strap alot more but mono strap is much worry-free & you can use your favorite & pochette in the rain/snow
  12. I agree with JadaStormy- wear what you like and what works best for you! I'm planning to get the Favorite soon myself and the mono strap is a great option- thanks for showing it to us,
  13. ohhhh,so good and like it
  14. I like the mono strap. Keep it and use it with your favorite. You can change to the original vacheta strap whenever you get bored..
  15. If the uneducated portion of your statement was directed to me I want to clarify that I'm not uneducated in LV just new to pochettes. :biggrin: