What do you all think ??

  1. Of the new Sig Stripe shoulder bag?

    When I saw this I was like :yahoo: bc I had been wanting a carly, but I was just so BLAH about them cuz everyone has them and there are tons of fakes running around here.. and this is just so cute to me... I think this will be next for me on the list.. What do you all think of it?

  2. i like that it has a zipper but i love the sig. stripe shoulder tote from last year better. its still cute though! what color were you planning on getting?
  3. I like it.. somebody here had the large in black (can't remember who?) and I thought it looked great! :tup: Plus hopefully there will be no fraying issues.. although I do have a large Carly. :yes:
  4. The brown! I like the tote too though so thats not totally out of the game!

    The one in my link is the large rite?
  5. i like the blue one...i love that blue color...it's so subtle and pretty
  6. It is a lot better looking in person! I say go for it!
  7. Yeah I like the khaki/mahogany one too :biggrin:
  8. I love it,it is very cute
  9. I like this one 2.. :smile:

  10. Just ordered the blue one, can't wait...
  11. Thanks guys, I'm glad you all like it. I'll be ordering it soon!! =]
  12. I'm liking it.

    I'm debating between the two colors. :confused1:
  13. I didnt see that fields! Thanks for posting
  14. Its cute, but I liked it better when the stripe was at the bottom.