What do you all think??

  1. Which do you like better??[​IMG]
  2. Nope. Looks like just another moldy bag.
  3. Nay for me.
  4. haha a raincoat with bubbles and a handy handle =]
  5. ummm..........is that bag sick?
  6. just looks so plasic to me...I love pink but....I would like to see this bag in person. I would love to buy the snakeskin one...IRL it is a beauty!!!
  7. Not my taste, but if you like it GO FOR IT!!!:biggrin:
  8. Oh my.. those python ones are sooo gorgeous! I saw two in the forum shops in vegas! They had a blue and pink one! The python spy bags are gorgeous.
  9. Blue and pink??? I would LOVE to see that!!! The one I saw was turqoise and grey...I just could not bring myself to spend 8,000 on a bag!! Diamonds ...SURE....bags, NO!! I do not know how I come up with my numbers for certain things...(I would love to see a pic of the pink one though!!) lol..
  10. Nah ! I dont like it, Its a bit too fussy, it looks like it would clash with a lot of things. doesnt look easy to wear. :huh:
  11. I only see one bag here--I'm afraid I'm not crazy about this one, but what matters is if YOU like it!!! If a bag makes your heart race, it shouldn't matter if other people don't like it.
  12. I think the bag is overall OK, pretty for a display, but very very hard to wear. I was debating about this bag once. I liked the details about it, but then i started thinking, what am I going to wear this? For the amount of $$$$, i'd want something special but versatile too. It came in another color scheme - with purples/pinks. I saw it at bloomies in nyc. One thing forsure is that it would be really hard to knock that off.
  13. nay for me .... what's up with the stripes on the tip of the bag and on the end of the flap? Waaay to busy for me .... that fabric takes away from the beauty of the bag's style ..
  14. Nay for me too
  15. nay