What do you all think...........?

  1. Okay girls, here I go again. I swore off buying anymore bags for a while, but I can't get this little beauty out of my head! What do you think? Does anyone have this color Coffer? Also has anyone seen it offered anywhere other than NAP? It's always a hassle for me to buy from them because my AMEX always makes me clear payment with them first, don't know why, I think because NAP is based outside of the US. What do you think :tup: or :tdown:http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/21537
  2. to be honest, Im not a fan of this type of green color. I like a forest green. What color coffers do you already have? If you love it then def order it, I havent seen it in any stores or websites.
  3. I wouldn't give it a thumbs up or down. When I first saw it, it didn't make my heart pitter patter but I can def see it going with different outfits. If you already own something like it, I wouldn't. However, it IS a unique color. I might be biased since I have a lot of olive colored clothing.
  4. I have the black, cream, brown suede and Camello. I think that I have a thing about this color. I do have several outfits in this olive green color, but I think that the Cammello Coffer would probably match those quite well. I'm so glad that you are commenting because, I am now having second thoughts..........:nogood:
    That's a good thing!!

  5. Im not really a fan of the color, but that could be because I dont wear much green at all. It does look quite nice, but I havent seen it irl and i dont think id ever pick that color.
  6. love the style and shape but would like better in black.
  7. Since it doesn't seem to be a real popular color, maybe I should take a chance and see if it will go one sale..................:confused1:
  8. ^^You could do that. You never know..if it goes on sale and you snatch it, then it was meant to be! :p
  9. I agree. It wasn't the best color of choice. A clutch or small bag in olive green color would look nice but not for a bag as big as coffer.
  10. If you wear alot of Fall colours (browns, golds, oranges, khaki), then I would go for it. I have a purse in this colour (not my coffer, it is black), and I use it alot. If you wear brighter colours or pastel colours you probably would not get the use out of it. I personally love the colour but my whole wardrobe based on fall colours.
  11. Good point. :yes: I tend to wear more neutral colors and probably wouldn't get enough use to justify paying full price for this bag. I think I will wait as Allouette suggested and hope that it "was meant to be!" Thanks to you all.......I have returned to my senses!! :yahoo:
  12. I ADORE this color!LOL!
    I treat my green bags as a neutral...goes with EVERYTHING!!HEHE!!!
  13. Oh no!! Now I'm having second thoughts............:yes:
  14. ^nah, go with your gut instincts. Only you can trust yourself.

    Then again, sometimes I should practice what I preach. :yes:
  15. I know I posted earlier saying I was not a fan of the color, but as alouette said if you really like this color coffer, and think you will use it often, then who cares what any of us think lol. Go for it.