What do you all think--should I return my classic Jumbo to the store, or ebay it??

  1. I have decided to "trade it in" for a reissue. I can still return to Saks, but if I want to keep my points, I'll have to eBay.
  2. I would return it to Saks. IMO, the points are not worth the trouble. In addition, you might not get back the amount that you paid for on ebay unless this is a rare HTF bag.
  3. I'd just return it. In all honesty I don't think eBay is worth it unless, as PP said, it's a rare bag. I think I'd just rather return to Saks and be done with it.
  4. I'd prefer returning/exchanging it as well.
  5. I'd return it also. What if some crackpot does a chargeback? If they claim not as described, they may get to keep the bag and get back the money. Paypal does not cover sellers for not as described with a chargeback. I found this out the hard way. (BTW - my item was as described, I had proof, but of course her cc company sided with her)
  6. Definitely return it to Saks. I am selling one of my Chanels on eBay and bidders are so ridiculous with their offers. Not worth the hassle doing it through eBay.
  7. I, too, would return it to Saks. It's just too much trouble to go through ebay with it just to save the points.
  8. return it to SAKS....Not worth the headache of EBAY
  9. Exactly what everyone else said- the points aren't worth getting involved in ebay drama.
  10. If it's a standard classic Jumbo then you're not likely to get above retail for it (assuming you can even sell it at retail because it's not a tough bag to locate and I wouldn't buy a bag at list price if I could get the same bag directly from Chanel without concerns about authenticity). Even if a buyer weren't close to a retail source, she could have it charge-sent for free so there'd be no benefit to buying from you. At best, the buyer would break even if you ate the eBay transaction fee and the shipping costs. In that case, you'd probably be losing more money than you'd gain in Saks points.
  11. return it, you cannot be sure when your bag will be sold on ebay
  12. I would return it, but Keep up posted with what way you go.
  13. for a stress free transaction, return it to the store.
  14. I'm so scared of ebay from all the horror stories I read on here....I would not hesitate to return this to the store.
  15. I am with everyone else. Saks has an ECG event on 1/17 and you will get points for the reissue purchase.