What do you all think of this YSL bag?

  1. Is there any way I can clean the black off the underside of the metal handle? I think it's just tarnish so maybe a silver cleaner would work? Also does anyone know what this black material on the handle is? I don't think it's horn but I'm not sure. Did YSL use plastic at all on the handle and then cover it with metal trim?

  2. Love it!
  3. I LOVE that bag and the handle. I soooooo wanted one, but in a bigger size, but didn't realized they existed until only the little ones were left locally....

    I believe that handle is made of wood. Try silver polish and see if that helps with the black stuff on the handle... ENJOY!
  4. ^^^I agree, try polish :biggrin: If that doesn't help see if YSL can take it off, they might have a special cleaner. Beautiful bag!
  5. Very pretty bag! I just :love: the handle!