What do you all think of this MJ?

  1. I love the color and I am a fan of the MP, but I am not crazy about the chain strap. Some say that it digs into their shoulder.
  2. I love the MP and that color is gorgeous!! My only concern would be the chain strap; I've heard it can be very uncomfortable. Good luck with your decision!
  3. ITA with the other ladies!

    Gorgeous color, gorgeous and functional bag, but the chain strap is not very comfortable or functional! IMO!
  4. I heard the chain also slips off of the shoulder alot. That color is gorgeous though.
  5. ^ITA...I have the MP w/ leather strap..There have been several posts regarding the chain strap & how uncomfortable it is....Great color though!!
  6. great color..HATE the chain
  7. Very pretty but the chain does slip a lot. If anyone has advice on how to keep it in place, please share.
  8. Agree with everyone. I tried on a chain strap bag and it doesn't stay on the shoulder. With this particular bag there really isn't any other way to carry it. However, the color is GORGEOUS!!!!
  9. I love the quilting and the colour! It's gorgeous!
  10. Love the color...love the quilt and bag..just not the handles. I have a couple with the chain and they do not feel as nice as the leather straps. The multi pocket comes in a none quilt tho with leather in "navy" that looks a lot the same...mags