what do you all think of this little cutie?


Jan 2, 2010
It looks cute but I am pretty used to regular size now so it might seem strange to me, to wear a familiar style bag but it look different on me, iykwim? It is one i want to see irl and try on xx
Nov 2, 2009
Peak District
Yes, real life can make something look very different! I wanted an Edna until I saw them on Sunday, and also the Greta keyring, but didn't think that was worth the £90 as its not very thick.
Sep 21, 2007
im sure they are £500 something. i bought my nude plonge leathe alexa from SM and it was £620 (these ones were more expensive though)
Jul 9, 2009
I am liking these- Im thinking roxy,rosie, blenheim family - I would like a black or oak one- do like watermelon but think it is still a bit too coral/pink - would love a real true red alexa!!
Mar 7, 2007
London, England
I saw one IRL today at Brompton Road.

I only saw the oak one, but it is a cutie. I felt it was similar in size to Brooke, very dinky, but still has some capacity for bits and pieces. The sizing on .com makes it seem like it is only a bit smaller than the regular Alexa but that is not the case, even the postmans lock is in minature. The shoulder strap is really long also so the bag sits on the top of your thigh.

I would have bought one, but the one they had in stock wasn't particulary nice leather, I already have an oak Brooke, and the sales are still to come! So maybe if I don't pick something up in the sales I might pick a mini Alexa up instead.

Also saw the Gracie aswell. I really liked the idea of it but seeing it IRL it is far too boxy, not particulary attractive IMO. The black one worked better than the oak one I think.