What do you all think of this for a summer bag..

  1. [​IMG](pic Elux)
  2. i like it, but i've heard vernis is really hard to take care of and has color transfer issues. it would make me too nervous. but i'm also a klutz. :smile:
  3. anyone else???
  4. i love the style of this but i would personally get it in the fuschia (or however its spelt) but thats just personal opinion
  5. I like this bag but I've heard their hard to keep clean. But if your careful with your bags then go for it!!
  6. I would be babying it too much - which is why I don't have any piece in Vernis yet although that's my favorite line.
  7. I love the bag and the color is beautiful! I would get it!
  8. I would not be carrying it everyday...only with certain dresses....is it really that hard to take care of?? I think I would be better off with a silver bag...any ideas? LV or Gucci?
  9. I like this colour. Since you would not be carrying it as an everyday bag then I say go for it! :smile:

    I also like the houston. :love:
  10. I think it might look strange with full patina...
  11. I love the perle vernis colour, but I'd be so afraid of colour transfer especially on something larger.
  12. It's beautiful, but with the color transfer & it being a white bag, I would be way too neurotic about taking care of it.
  13. I love the Vernis line as well. Is there a way to keep the color from transferring? Anything to protect the leather? How do you care for the bag?
  14. you should go with LV since most of gucci's bags seem like fads to me. the styles arent constant and classic like LV. i regret buying all of my gucci bags i figured i could had bought LV instead!
  15. What do you all mean by color trnasfer?

    I love gucci!! I did find a cute white one on Styledrops...I just cant decide....