What do you all think of this clutch?

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  1. I personally did not like it..It's too sparkly..and I think it looks kinda weird
  2. It looks like a craft project gone wrong.
  3. it's SOOOO heavy. i saw it in purple on sale and thought it was kinda cute but when i picked it up, it wayyy too heavy.
  4. I don't know, I kinda like it :smile:
  5. I find it very chic, but yes, it is very heavy.
  6. I like the amber but I'd be worried that one of the stones may fall off.
  7. yuk - not a fan sorry
  8. I don't look it... it looks kind of cheap.
  9. Not a fan either..
  10. Not loving it.
  11. Not digging it either.