What do you all think of this bag?

  1. I like it! :biggrin:
  2. loves it, i LOVE silver
  3. It's cute but hard to see the condition in the pictures. It is a small bag. It is too small for something I would use but I think it is a pretty cool bag. I could picture it with suits and jeans, anything would look good with it and I love the color lavender vernis but this does not look like the lavender color I had in a wallet??? Can you get more detailed pictures from the seller to check the color out?
  4. It's pretty :yes:
  5. Its very cute!
  6. Its very cute. I don't think the pics do the bag justice.
  7. I like it it so cute
  8. I think it's cute! Yup the price will definetly go up!
  9. It's cute!! That colour is gorgeous!

    It's lavendar ;)
  10. Love it, but wouldn't use it... too tiny and impractical.
  11. I almost bought this bag as my second LV. I do love it, and I love the Vernis line. I have a silvery Houston that I always get tons of compliments on. But for me now, it'd be too small. And its a hand cary tote. It really doesn't fit much in it, so if you are use to going "light" then ya, its definately a gorgeous bag, So great for spring!
  12. cute!!
  13. Love it! :nuts:
  14. Cool. Everybody likes it:yahoo::nuts:. I got it in my watch list so i can keep a eye on it before i actually make a bid. How much stuff do you think would fit in this purse? I have the mono speedy 25 and i carry alot in it with lots of room to spare. I always carry my wallet,keys,cell,small photo album of my daughters pics,chapstick,roll on perfume,pen and a few other small things.