What do you all think of this bag?

  1. thumbs3.ebaystatic.com/d/l225/m/mkeXf3hBnNfdjIuhA8pDpxg.jpg
    I am currently looking at this bag and was wondering what you all thought of it... it is called surpique chevron tote. I never saw it before but it looks lovely.
  2. cute...prefer this over GST/PST
  3. Like it a lot!
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Just got the picture up... do you all like it better than the regular GST? I didnt like the hard boxiness of the GST.. considering getting this one. Does anyone know what season this was?
  6. I personally still prefer the GST, since I am not a huge fan of the chevron. This looks just as boxy? Anyway the charm is a nice touch though!
  7. No...........I don't think this style is appealing...what do you think of the gst??
  8. I bought the GST but did'nt like the stiffness of it under my arm so I thougt this would be a nice alternative to it.
  9. How about the tote bag for cruise called cc crown.pix taken from authentic finds.
  10. In general, I have not been a fan of chevron... but there is something charming about this bag....
  11. I like it. Much prefer this to GST.
  12. Those are gorgeous bags, would you know the price? Thanks! :smile:
  13. I believe it's $3,300
  14. Big Thanks! :smile:
  15. i like it!!! the chevron pattern is such a classic chanel pattern