What do you all think of this bag? 04 MARIGOLD City (LV Lady99)

  1. i love the trim a lot. i wish they did bags in that yellow. :cry:

    but i can't say i'm too crazy for the tweed.
  2. I like the trim but not the tweed. Maybe with the right outfit.
  3. not a fan myself. I think you could find a far nicer bag!
  4. I want a yellow or marigold, but I'm holding out for all leather.

    However, if this bag is calling your name you should go for it. I've never seen another like it and with the right outfit it would look super!
  5. Wouldn't pay that high for the tweed personally....but it's a fun bag if you could get a really good deal on it!
  6. i don't like the tweed, but I LOVE THE YELLOW!:heart:
  7. I agree, its a great looking, different bag. Wasnt there another one on eBay a while back?

    My fear on bags like this is the dirt factor, I dont want fabric bags to get dirty!
  8. i think this is a great looking bag! its so unique! if it keeps calling your name, put a bid in...you never know~
  9. same as the rest, no likey tweed. Don't really like the linen ones either, they tend to get creased. creased bags look strange to me.

    ^^ but yup, if you really like it, try putting in an offer, seller might just accept a low offer since it's already been relisted 2x or 3x I think?
  10. I've been eyeing that bag as well but not a fan of the tweed. :push: If you like it, go for it! :p
  11. What is holding me back is that I consider tweed a winter fabric and yellow a spring/summer shade. Ahhhh!!! It probably is not meant to be.
  12. i think it would be fine to carry in summer, even with the tweed. but i must agree with the others - not a fan of fabric bags in general. you have to be too careful with them or they look terrible.
  13. I think it looks lovely. The tweed is unexpected but pretty. This bag would look so nice with light to medium blue or grey jeans.

    I also think it will look good with use, so it looks more vintage, like an old Chanel jacket. Worn but with love. The only thing I'd worry about is snags. The color is so nice :love:

  14. u r absolutely right that is what was bugging me about this bag and i couldnt verbalize it ...the colour is totally summery but the bag itself with tweed in it is so not right for summer...beautiful bag but difficult to fit with anything :sad: